CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN AUSTIN – Facing criminal charges in any circumstance can be an agonizing experience. The consequences that individuals may face in their lives as a result of a criminal conviction can be extraordinarily challenging to deal with.

The criminal penalties alone can often be damaging to a person’s rights and reputation, but the effects become even more serious and long-lasting when combined with the consequences that a criminal record can have on their personal and professional life.

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Fortunately, Austin criminal defense attorney Ian Inglis understands the struggles that criminal suspects may be facing after being charged with breaking the law. No matter how minor or severe the charges you are facing may be, we work diligently on your case to help protect your rights and interests under the law to the fullest possible extent. With our help, you can fight to have the charges against you reduced in severity or dropped altogether.

                                          TYPES OF CASES

Theft & Fraud

From shoplifting to armed robbery charges, Austin criminal defense attorney Ian Inglis can help protect your rights and freedoms.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes charges are a serious matter, but a criminal defense attorney can help suspects fight back.

Marijuana Possession

We can help you contest the charges or seek reduced sentencing for marijuana possession.

Cocaine Possession

A conviction for cocaine possession can ruin your life—we can help you fight for your freedom.

Meth Possession

Being charged with meth possession is not the same as a conviction, and we are ready to help.

Gun Crimes

Your Second Amendment rights may need protection – we know what it takes to protect yours.

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