Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Online

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Online – The increasingly popular Criminal Justice Bachelor degree programs explore the various aspects of crime, the justice system, and the law, including the role and origin of criminality, the law, and social policy.

Most of the Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice programs provide concentrations such as Justice Policy (for students interested in law and policy), Crime and Criminology (for people interested in law enforcement), and Community Justice (for students interested in social work and related areas).

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Online

The Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree at some colleges and universities is known as Administrative Justice, Justice Studies, or a similar name.
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Criminal Justice Careers

The Criminal Justice field provides an extensive range of Criminal Justice career opportunities in the private sector, as well as with federal, state, and local government agencies.

The majority of people with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice use the degree to begin their career in law enforcement, criminal law, corrections, or social work.

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Online

criminal justice careersAvailable careers in Criminal Justice for those with a Bachelor degree include police officer, detective, corporate security specialist, criminologist, crime scene investigator, sheriff, marshal, corrections officer, DEA agent, INS agent, ATF agent, Homeland Security agent, and CIA agent.

A Bachelor in Criminal Justice degree also provides job opportunities in protective services, such as:

U.S. Secret Service
Federal Bureau of Investigation
U.S. Marshal’s Office
Department of Homeland Security
Security and Loss Prevention
Municipal and State Police Departments
In addition, a Bachelor in Criminal Justice degree provides job opportunities in crime-related prevention and support, such as:

Rape Crisis Centers
Shelters for Abused Women and Children
Drug and Alcohol Programs
Crime Prevention and Diversion Programs
Halfway Houses
Finally, a Criminal Justice Bachelor’s degree provides job opportunities in law and corrections, such as:

Legal Aid/Paralegal
Court Administration
Juvenile Court Personnel
Delinquency Prevention Programs
Probation and Parole Officers
Jails and Prisons
Juvenile Residential Institutions
Bachelor of Criminal Justice Salary Information (, 2012)

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Online

Salary ranges of employees with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree:

Paralegal: $29,695 to $61,972
Police or Sheriff’s Patrol Officer: $30,579 to $80,462
Security Manager: $36,162 to $94,363
Probation Officer or Correctional Treatment Specialist: $25,111 to $55,925
Median salaries of employees with a Bachelor’s of Criminal Justice degree, by practice area:

Litigation & Appeals: $44,891
General: $43,398
Personal Injury & Wrongful Death: $37,088
Family Law: $35,483
Corporate, Business, Mergers, & Acquisitions: $51,380
Criminal Law: $32,370
Trusts & Estates: $36,332
Median salaries of employees with a Bachelor’s of Criminal Justice degree, by industry:

Law Enforcement: $46, 527
Law Firm/Law Office: $39,982
Insurance: $50,437
Legal Services: $42,898
Police agency: $47,756
Bachelor in Criminal Justice Degree Program Ranking Guidelines

We selected the online Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree programs based on the quality of the program, the types of courses offered, the faculty, rankings, awards, and reputation, including the school’s reputation for effectively providing online degree programs.

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Online

florida state university#1 Florida State University

Florida State University’s (FSU) online Bachelor’s degree in Criminology prepares students for careers such as: social services case manager, detective, crime intelligence analyst, corporate security specialist, private investigator, and other criminal justice careers.

FSU’s faculty includes two of the top criminologists in the nation, as well as other prominent criminologists. College faculty members serve as Editor or Co-Editor for some of the most important scholarly journals in the criminology field.

In 2012, FSU was ranked #46 in the “Top Public Schools” list by U.S. News & World Report. In 2010, the school was named a “Budget Ivy” university by the Fiske Guide to Getting into the Right College, and that same year, the Princeton Review and USA Today both ranked FSU #4 in their list of public “Best Value Colleges.”

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Online

penn state#2 Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus offers an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program, which provides students with the tools to lead, serve, and protect national, state, and local interests.

The program covers the theoretical and practical aspects of crime control. Students are prepared for leadership positions in security management, law enforcement, court administration, corrections, and crime prevention.

Coursework covers subjects such as:

Introduction to Law, Policing, and Corrections in America
Security and Police Administration
Ethics in Criminal Justice
Concepts of Social Science Research
Aspects of the Juvenile Justice System
Alternatives to Incarceration
In 2012, Penn State University was ranked #12 by U.S. News & World Report in its “Top Public Schools” list. In 2011, the university was ranked #12 nationally by SmartMoney Magazine in its “Colleges That Help Grads Get Top Salaries” list. Penn State World Campus was included in the top 15% in the category of Bachelor’s programs: Student Services and Technology, and in 2011, the Sloan Consortium named Penn State the winner of the Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Education Award.

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Online

washington state#3 Washington State University

Washington State University (WSU) has the second-oldest academic program in criminal justice. The founding chapter of the Alpha Phi Sigma criminal justice honor society was established at Washington State University.

The online Bachelor in Criminal Justice program can be completed with 49 credit hours if students have transferable credit hours of core classes.

The program provides electives such as Juvenile Justice and Corrections, Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, Juvenile Delinquency, Law of Evidence and Criminal Procedure, and Sociology of Race Relations.

Notable professors teaching the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program regularly assist law and corrections organizations.

In 2011, WSU was ranked #57 among all public universities, and #6 in the category of Top Online Bachelor’s Programs: Student Services and Technology, by U.S. News & World Report.

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Online

arizona state#4 Arizona State University (ASU Online)

ASU Online is the online school of Arizona State University.

The online Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice program provides the same high academic quality as the on-campus program.

The program provides an interdisciplinary approach to studying crime and criminal justice, based in social sciences. The curriculum focuses on the practices and policies of criminal justice system components, including law enforcement, corrections and the courts.

Students learn from criminal justice professionals, experts in policing, fraud, gangs, crime, and the court system.

ASU was named one of America’s Best College Buys” by Forbes magazine, and U.S. News & World Report ranked it among the top tier U.S. universities. In 2010, ASU was ranked #81 in the world and #45 in the United States by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, a publication established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

colorado state university#5 Colorado State University-Global Campus

Colorado State University (CSU)-Global Campus offers an online Bachelor in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration degree program, which provides the knowledge and tools required to advance into leadership and management roles in criminal justice organizations. The program thoroughly covers the trends and developments regarding managing a criminal justice organization.

Courses focus on law enforcement, criminology, corrections, and juvenile justice, as well as research methods designed for criminal justice professionals, and consist of eight weeks with multiple start dates every semester.

The Bachelor in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration program provides the critical thinking, leadership, and effective decision-making required in law enforcement, court, corrections, and community-based justice delivery offices. Students may take a specialization in a career-relevant field.

Princeton Review named CSU as one of the nation’s best institutions for undergraduate education.

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Online

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