Download XRay Mod – How to Download XRay Mod 1.8

Download XRay Mod : Here we are going to provide you the link using which you can download XRay mod for your Minecraft. Also, you need to note that the XRAY Mod 1.8 does not require Forge API. So, one can install the mod on any single as well as on multiplayer server without requiring Minecraft Forge. Download XRay Mod 1.8 from link below:

Download XRay Mod 1.8
download XRay Mod







how to download XRay Mod 1.8

Given below are the steps that you need to follow in order to install XMod Ray on your Minecraft.

Step 1: Download the XRay Mod 1.8 from the link provided above or from the official downloader.

Step 2: Navigate to Minecraft base folder.

Step 3: There will be a subfolder named “Versions”.

Step 4: There you need to find the folder named “1.8.2” to “1.8.2_extra”. Now open the folder.

Step 5: There you will find a jar file named “1.8.2.jar”. Rename it to “1.8.2_extra.jar”.

Step 6: Rename the file “1.8.2.json” to “1.8.2_extra.json”.

Step 7: Now open the renamed “1.8.2_extra.json” file using notepad or any other text editor and replace the tag “id: 1.8.2” with “id: 1.8.2_extra”. Now save the file and close it.

Step 8: Now open the XRay Mod 1.8 zip file and copy its contents into “1.8.2_extra.jar” file. You also need to remove the META_INF folder from “1.8.2_extra”.

Step 9: Now launch the Minecraft launcher.

Step 10: Go to “Edit Profile”.

Step 11: Select option “Use version:” and change it to “release 1.8.2_extra”.

Step 12: Click on Save Profile.

That is all. That was how to download XRay Mod 1.8 and link it to your Minecraft game.

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