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Download Youtube Videos – when you want to download some of these videos. You will agree with me that it is quite difficult to download videos from popular social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, this occurs because most of the videos blocked with some restrictions that prevent it from being downloaded by other users.

Download Youtube Videos : This blockage makes it impossible for you to easily download videos from popular sites and this means you can only watch them for once. I can imagine the frustrations because most of these videos may be so useful to one that one may wish to download and keep it on his phone, tablet, and computer.

The question which we will be treating in this post centers on the best possible way to download ephemeral videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and other popular chat and video platforms on the web. as the best alternative app and website for downloading youtube videos, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and other videos.

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Download Youtube Videos : Maybe you have tried plenty times to successfully download facebook videos and failed, you really don’t need to worry. There are bunch of apps, platforms, and websites which state that they can help social media users download videos directly from them which ordinarily won’t be possible due to blockage and restrictions.

However, we want to want to state here that those tips and tricks offered by developers and operators of these websites may at times be useless. If you want to learn how to download youtube videos then you have to read this post till finish.

Download Youtube Videos : To get you connected with the right website, platform and app that will help you download facebook, snapchat, instagram videos we went on a fact-finding mission on the web and our findings was quite impressive, it is the results of this our result that we want to share with you in this post.

Due to these restriction placed on instagram or snapchat videos and other videos from related social and chatting platform you need to have access to a good app or a quality website before you can successfully accomplish your desired target which is learning:

– How to download youtube videos without hassle

– How to download facebook videos before it disappears from your newsfeed

– How to download twitter videos and GIF

– How to download intagram videos and images without screenshots

-How to download snapchat videos and images legally

-How to download Vevo videos

-How to download Vimeo videos.

Download Youtube Videos : So if you want to download video[s] from the above-listed platforms or other similar social media platforms that placed restrictions on their videos and images you need to visit


How to Download YouTube Video on

Before we list down the steps I want you to note the following requirements needed to download youtube videos on
Number one: A smartphone [Android, iPhone, windows phones and tablets, iPad, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle etc]
Number two: You need an internet connection
Number three: You need KeepVid website/app/platform etc.

Now let’s go to the steps on how to download youtube videos on Keepvid.

i. Open the search bar on your browser and enter this URL [ ].

iii. Open your facebook, snapchat, instgram, youtube, vevo, vimeo, twitter and go to the video you want to download on the social media platform.

iii. Copy the full url [that is the link address] of the video.

iv. Past the copied link on the link section on

v. Tap on the download icon to get the full list of available file formats.

vi Finally select your preferred video from the list given and download it to your device [phones, tablets, computers, mac].

Alternatively, if you want a rather different task such as downloading youtube video in mp3on keepvid then you need to perform the following task:

How to Download YouTube Video in Mp3 on

a. Open the search bar on your browser and enter this URL [ ].

b. Open your facebook, snapchat, Instagram, youtube, Vevo, Vimeo, twitter and go to the video you want to download on the social media platform.

c. Copy the full URL [that is the link address] of the video.

d. Past the copied link on the link section on

e. Then hover around the page and locate the audio section. If you see where ‘audio only’ is written click on any of the audio file formats on the list given and start downloading.

That’s it all. If you followed the above-listed steps then you have learnt how to download youtube video, facebook video, instagram video, snapchap video, Vimeo video, Vevo video, twitter video etc.

You can now start downloading your choice video from popular social media and video platforms by following this tutorial.

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