How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number Free of Charge

These article: How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number Free is very important to all candidates whether university, polytechnic or college of education admitted you without JAMB’s approval. You have graduated but no admission letter – Not even a valid JAMB Registration Number. Follow these 7 Steps on How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number Free of Charge.

How To Know You Have This Problem

You may never have known your admission was not recognized by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), and not knowing is not enough excuse now that you are stuck in getting your admission letter or registering for Direct Entry. Below are few things that will make you realize you have JAMB regularization problem.

  • When JAMB Website says “Sorry no admission is given yet”. ie. each time you try to check admission status.
  • You have finished your ND or NCE and about to register for JAMB Direct Entry but unfortunately JAMB says registration number is not valid or not found.
  • You bought scratch card to print admission letter and JAMB website responded “invalid registration number or registration number does not exit”.

How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number Yourself

1.  Simply >>Click Here<< OR Visit the website and click the link regularization or click on this link or click on the link below to get started

2. Enter the jamb registration number given to you by your school and click on validate.

How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number


3. Fill in your necessary data; upload your passport and capture your right and left finger thumb print and click on submit/saved.

How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number

How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number

4. Then visit the link and click on the year, the said institution offer you admission, click on the link Amend Data (Regularized Candidate Only).


5. Enter your jamb registration number and click on Validate, confirm if the data displays are correct and click on update.

How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number

How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number


6. Still on the said year link, click on the link Check Admission Status,

7. Enter your jamb registration number and click on check admission status.

How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number

If you tried all this and it fails, let us know using the comment box below. We have another guide on this same topic here. You may have to also check it out.

176 thoughts on “How To Regularize JAMB Registration Number Free of Charge

  1. I wrote jamb and I checked my result and they said that I was absent in exam day 2016. my reg number is 65356293DE

  2. Pls I am registering someone and I am having problem with the thumbprint stage, there I am unable to proceed. Kindly shed more light on this.


  3. hi, am an NCE graduate AOCOED, during 2015 direct entry registration my jamb reg was recognise by jamb but I was offer admission to another school d same year i gain admission to AOCOED which I was not aware of, but I move ahead and register for my D.E without paying money to the school authority (AOCOED) for jamb regularisation. And I was not given admission last year can it be d cause, do I still need to do d jamb regularisation. Pls I need advise Thank you .

  4. Pls can i do the regularization on my own without informing my school bcos am a graduate also serve. Can i use my previous regisation number for the regularization

  5. Pls i want to use it for direct entry

  6. Pls i am a graduate and served, i passed through school pre degree without admission letter. Now i want apply for direct entry and their is a colume asking for previou jamb used in gotten the admission and other for gegularization. Pls can i proceed d filling of the form


  8. bashir maikudi saad says:

    i’m an nce holder and i want to try to get admission with de but i dont have previos jamb no. , now how can i do

  9. Pls I am ND holder I want to do regularization because I want to register for DE and I had tried the steps you mentioned above but when I clicked on regularization put my jamb registration number and click validation it’s said invalidate number pls help me out 2013 jamb this is my registration number 35886300EC please help me ooo I already bought DE form don’t let my money waste please

  10. Pls i am ND holder i want to do direct entry but i need regularization and i have followed the steps you mentioned above but if i put my jamb registration number to that first place to click validation it is said my jamb registration number is not found pls help me i already bought de form don’t let my money waste

  11. I don’t have jamb reg number because I passed through an institution affiliated to UNIZIK. How do I go about the regularization issue?

  12. Akoh E Stephen says:

    Hello! I have my NCE(2013-15). I got admited through JAMB. I jst heard abt regularisation of JAMB number yesterday. I checked the validity of my own number and it is negative. I was also told, from my alma mata that today is the last day for applying for such number – as in from my school.
    I’m confused; and please, educate me.

  13. […] But if you want to Try It Yourself: Follow this link to know if you can regularize yours online free of charge. […]

  14. Obidiegwu Emeka says:

    Please should Part time students do Jamb regularization since they are for Exemption certificate.

  15. Pls I heared the regularization closes on saturday , pls is it true.

  16. Hello. Pls I’m a NCE holder and I want to apply for direct entry. Am a part time student but now I pay for regularization number to my school and it have not been given to us. Pls how through its? Cox I av obtain the form but the regularization is delaying. I wait ur swift reply

  17. Pls sir am Nce holder i want to apply for DE but in cafe told me that my jamb reg no. Will not work but my school has already summit the list to jamb sir wat will i do i hav to pay again 4 another jamb reg no?

  18. Hello sir, I’m a NCE holder and i want register for D. E they asked me to regularise my reg number but have already used it for last year DE and it was successful.

  19. Hi, plc I am ND holder nd hv paid for jamb regularization in my school nd we hv not yet been given any jamb Reg number nd hv obtain DE form , so can I Register without Jamb regarization number

  20. My jamb number i wrote 2012 wil nt be accept for DE SO wat wil i do

  21. Oriku Nathaniel says:

    I have completed a part-time program at a polytechnic but now I don’t have jamb reg no to continue with direct entry registration pls what can I do?

  22. i have gone to my school for the regularisation buh dey said it has closed,is dere aniway i can register for D.E without dis regularisation stuff

  23. I tried to validate my previous jamb registration number but it was saying that the registration number was not found

  24. Noriode Raphael says:

    Please admin I want to apply for HND in another school, I don’t know if this regularization thing will still affect me because I am having the problem now while trying to do my direct entry.

  25. Noriode Raphael says:

    Please admin I want to apply for HND in another school, I don’t know if this regularization thing will still affect me because I am having the problem now while trying to do my direct entry.

    • Hello Raphael

      First ascertain why your registration is not going through and try to know the error message as as to know if you actually need regularization. Thank you for contacting us.


  26. Please admin did this regularization has a specific closuing date? If yes when? I mean for this year. I heard it has closed when I want to do it.

    • Hello Tunji,

      The regularization via JAMB official website has no closing date, school may have closing date based on volume of candidates involved and the timeline. Thank you for contacting us.


  27. the jamb I used in gaining admission to fedpoffa was dat of year 2011… I finish my ND in year 2015, now I want to obtain a DE form to unilorin but I heard the regularization has closed… pls is there anything I can do.. thanks in advance as I await ur positive response

  28. The regularization is close in my school and I’ve tried the first step you gave above but it is said that my registration number is not found.Please what can i do have purchase my DE form already?

  29. El-basheer says:

    I have same problem how will i rectify the problem please

  30. pls am an nd holder from federal poly ilaro…I finished 2014,I want to apply for d.e nw BT wen I enter my utme number it saying access denied….so wat can I do pls….I nid a quick response pls

  31. Pls Admin am NCE graduate and we don’t use jamb than and now I want to obtain D E form but I couldn’t last someone told me dat I need to go to my school for regularization and I did it, at my school they told me dat I will pay 6000 Naira to bank, and I paid after dat they gave me print out of regularization and I take it to exam and record, at there d man I meet there told me dat they will send it to Abuja for jamb Admission Number, he told me dat is jamb will send dat number through sell number. Dear Admin since last mouth no reply.

    ple reply me on time to knw what next because OOU have release P-UTME from and it will closed dis mouth. May God Almighty bless you all(Amen).

  32. Samuel Ochefije Usman says:

    Pls admin. I did my nce 2013 and it is jamb dat gave me admission i have jamd registration number can i still go for my school and get regulization number again? Pls i need ur respond

  33. Samuel Ochefije Usman says:

    Admin. I did my nce 2013 and it is jamb dat gave me admission i have jamd registration number can i still go for my school and get regulization number again? Pls i need ur respond

  34. i have graduated, waiting to serve but i just heard about this regularization of a thing and i have tried to regularize my jamb number but it giving the response that registration number not found and i have already reported it to my school where i graduated from. pls help me out.
    here is my registration number:15826958EE.

  35. Good evening admin. pls i really need your help, am an NCE graduate, i gained admission to this school by obtaining there form and not thru jamb. my school is currently having some issues with jamb which is now delaying my jamb regularization number. I was told in school that they might not be able to resolve the issue until DE form closes. pls how do i go about the jamb regularization number coz form closes by ending of this month. thanks in advance

  36. Please I paid for the regularisation and was given a new jamb number but the new jamb number is still saying sorry no admission given. What can I do about this I just want to apply for the direct entry before it close. These is the new jamb number 25612254EC. I finished from fce zaria..

  37. Samuel james says:

    Pls I did Jamb direct entry exams 2014 with my regularisation number I want to rewrite again this year.Do I need another jamb regularisation number from my school?

  38. i want to validate but it keeps saying reg no not found why?

  39. Pls, The regularization process has closed in my formal school, how can I regularize my jamb reg,no? And again, what is the current price of the D.E scratch card

  40. I have done my DE without jamb regularisation,do I still need it urgently?my school has closed d regularisation process. I’d appreciate a response from you,tnk u

  41. Please Admin, i tried the step stated above to regularize my JAMB Number (2013) my self but not found pls how can i do without reaching any jamb office, because jamb office is far from where i am now. please i need ur swift response on this thanks.

  42. Av paid for d regularization pin in my school bt av nt bn given d pin nd DE ll close on 1st of July nd i must obtain it. Wot should i do ?

  43. Hi, please how do i retrieve my JAMB registration number for my HND since i didn’t write JAMB to obtain admission into the polytechnic though i paid for it and now JAMB is asking me for the registration number before i can apply for DE?

  44. secondly, i tried the regularization process for my ND jamb but it keeps telling me registration number is not found, meanwhile i got admission with the same JAMB. what do i do? 2006 JAMB 64410480CJ

  45. Please I did part time in ND now I want to put in for Direct Entry, do I really need this regularization. I actually applied for full time admission via Jamb with a reg number but was given part time admission. please help out

  46. Good evening admin. pls i really need your
    help, am an NCE graduate, i gained admission
    to this school by obtaining there form and not
    thru jamb. my school is currently having some
    issues with jamb which is now delaying my
    jamb regularization number. I was told in
    school that they might not be able to resolve
    the issue until DE form closes. pls how do i go
    about the jamb regularization number coz form
    closes by ending of this month. thanks in

  47. i want to regularize my jamb number for a direct entry and in was told regularize has closed pls what do i do for a direct entry into ABU ZARIA ENGINEERING COURSE

  48. why is jamb taking so long to activate d regularized number. pls DE is closing soon and I seriously need to apply

  49. please admin, my friends and i were regularize in the year 2015; in which some of us printed out the admission status on jamb website. on 19th of .june 2016, i visited jamb website again to check unfortunately, it was “no admission given yet” i tried it several time.what should will do sir? i would be expecting ur favorable response,thanks.

  50. Abanda Egla says:

    Pls i’ve paid fr d jamb regularzation, but nothing has been dont abt it ova a Month nd some weeks now am confues dnt knw wat to do and d closing date is on d 1-7-2016 how do i go frm here pls help me.

  51. I did part time in my ND and I have no jamb registration number now I want to apply for my hnd and it is requesting for jamb registration number

  52. I ve just regularized my jamb reg number, bt the new jamb reg number given to me is still nt going, it still shows no admission given yet, it didn’t allow me to register, I was told maybe jamb ve not yet uploaded it yet, pls aw possible is that. and the registration is closing next week.

  53. pls I have a problem with my jamb number , I registered DE with it last year I didn’t get admission, but now if I try to register it’s telling me invalid reg no., and if I check admission status there is admission on it….pls help me check the number is 2011…..16060550JD pls activate it for me

  54. Becky shalom says:

    Good evening Admin, pls i would like to know when the closing date for the jamb regularization process is, or has it ended already . Would appreciate a reply from you. Thanks

  55. olayinka samson says:

    Pls. I have paid d required fee for d regularization in my school fed. Poly. Nasarawa and it has been a month plus now bt d number iz nt out. Pls can I go to jamb oFfice and request for it? Cos DE form will b closing next week and I want to register.

  56. I paid for the jamb regularization number and its out but went to the cafe to register my D. E and still it is not working… Is it that they gave us numbers without validating or what???

  57. I am about to serve, but I was given jamb regularization number, of which I Don all the process both the registration and the update.. And I have also make a print out of it… But some people said I have gone a wrong step that I don’t need to make a print out of it, pls sir hw true is it

  58. Please sir, do one pay money before carring out the regularisation processes? If yes, where can one pay the money and how much does it cost? I’m asking because i want to register for jamb direct entry and i don’t want any situation where by i won’t be given admission due to fact that maybe i didn’t regularise my number. Please answer me so i can be sure/clear on these. Thanks.

  59. I did a diploma in law, in the University of Jos, and I don’t have any jamb registration number. Help please.

  60. Amosu Oluwahan says:

    Please, am an nd holder & I want to do d.e which I already got a scratch card. But meanwhile I was a part time student & didn’t get admission through jamb. How do I do it because regularization as closed in my school now. Thanks

  61. please I needed your help urgently I followed. the 7 step u mentioned with my jamb reg. number, but not the one given in school but it says the number is not valid and I want to use other diploma in filling the form for my De. please can I go ahead

  62. Pls av paid fr d jamb regularisation number in my sch. federal polytechnic idah. but av jamb av Nt sent my jamb regularisation number to me. sir please I really need ur help

  63. Am a Bsc holder (2004) trying to do direct entry registration but. It is say no addmission yet. I ve tried the option above but could not regularize my Reg number. What do I do now?

  64. Hello,
    I’m a final year student of Lagos city polytechnic, Ikeja. The school is requesting that all students pay the sum of #20,000 for jamb regularization and the information I got here is that it can be done free of charge following the steps provided. Pls advise on this monetary requirement for the exercise. Is it appropriate or it is simply extortion by the schools authority? #20,000 in this crawling economy?


  65. i tried to regularize my reg. no. but its saying “reg. no. not found” and i used dat reg no. to recheck my jamb result and it opened. pls what do i do?

  66. Promise Dire says:

    pls av been given the regularization pin but its writing “Registration number not found”, what can i do plssss???

  67. Nice job admin, pls. I have ND with lower credit in mech. engr. from a polytechnic applying for DE to a university and I have registered and submitted online with “OTHER DIPLOMA” and i have as well submitted them to jamb office.
    yesterday I read about “jamb regularization” online which I have not done, pls. is there any possibility of admission? if no pls how can I correct my mistake online and jamb office? thank you……. or while I process the jamb regularization can I buy another DE scratch card to start another registration online. My fingers are crossed for your reply sir

  68. James Ubong Nse says:

    I am James, Ubong Nse. From Akwa Ibom State.
    I ignorantly registered for Direct Entry with my former Jamb registration number which I used to secure admission into Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Ikot Osurua part time program.
    Just after my DE registration, I was required to pay a sum of money to my school, so as to regenerate a new pin with jamb….
    But the DE registration has already been made.
    Please what should I do?

  69. Please when is jamb regularization for 2016 closing

  70. Am adeyeye Samuel olusola says:

    Pls admin,i was given jamb registration number from jamb,and since den i cant validate it online.(not yet found)pls help me sir. I’m tired of sitting at home n batch b mobilization is fast approaching.

  71. Tried it but it said no registration number found, my registration number is 66135046CA

  72. please i want to apply for hnd programme in another polytechnic… do i need d.e form

  73. dere a way for me out..?.my school gave me admission without jambs approval now I want to enroll for my hnd n dont have a jamb reg number at all. …pls help me out …is d ND wasted…ND
    at nig army sch of military eng.markurdi.

  74. Badmus Abiola says:

    Please unilag ain’t working on my regularization since April, this tiring,pleas how can you help, even after I paid to school, it going to disturb me for NYsc…. Please help me.. 92422284IC

  75. bashar shehu says:

    hello sir, i am a graduate waiting 4 Batch B 2016 and i wrote jamb since 2009 does dat mean i must regularize ma jamb numbr, and pls i want u to comfirm d number for me 92350529AH

  76. I have validate my jamb no and the print out did not come with my passport and it said validation successful, wen I took it to my sch they said it has to come out with my photo and date of birth. so I went back and buy jamb card. when I print it out it was giving my ND admission which I hope it suppose to be HND pls what does I do cos I want to be mobilise with this batch b this year. I need ur help

  77. Hello sir,
    I m a graduate and wrote jamb 2008. My registration number is 82690121FG, I followed the above instructions, still my number was not found.
    What is next step? Please

  78. I have jamb of 2007 although I was given admission 2008 , can I make use of the jamb for nysc.

  79. Admin pls am having a problem, I submitted d jamb reg number of 2009 to my school for Nysc Mobilization and its showing no Admission given yet, pls how do I go about d regularization or how to do I know its stil valid. dis is d jamb number help Me out pls. 05351976JE

  80. ogbodo odinaka says:

    Pls what do I do? I seriously nid help here I’m preparing to go service but can’t not validate d jamb which was given to me by my school pls help me before its late for me really want serve with this set batch b 2016] 08038328003

  81. Pls I wrote jamb in 2015,,was offered admission in mouau…out of happiness I did everything,completed all my registration .unfortunately for me,I never checked my admission status on jamb till after I’ve paid all the I found out that it’s the school that offered me admission not jamb bcos I’ve got no jamb admission letter.pls what am I to do because I don’t need any delay during my finals and I can’t bear to lose this admission(it took me 3 years)please help me.

  82. My jamb reg no;55008076cj….my contact;09090723635

  83. Adegoke Olamilekan says:

    pls help me out have being try this for several times, only one opportunity that i have now is yaba tech because i would like to gain admission this year to do my HND but i have problem of jamb regularization issue 08096522822

  84. Gabriel Blessing says:

    I did my jamb this year but I can’t check my admission status and I’ve tried the steps above but it says my registration number does not exist. pls I really need your help. (65694017CH)

  85. Pls, I av jamb registration number dt my sch gave me and I av reguralised it I don’t know if I can print out jamb form with d reg numb cos my school 4 HND is requesting for jamb form so as to process our nysc. Pls I need urgent reply i’m in d middle of registration

  86. mine is jamb regularization and is telling me no admission found

  87. now i can’t do my nysc registration because of d jamb reg number given to me

  88. ogunseye Oluwaseun says:

    I wrote 2014 jamb in which I gained an admission into federal poly ilaro but am unable to print out my jamb admission letter saying “SORRY NO ADMISSION IS GIVEN YET” am now a graduate looking ahead for direct entry. I explained it to the school admission officer he said we should paid #5,000….in which have paid it since April 2016….I haven’t see any solution… please I want you to shed more light to this. I was given a remita retrieval reference (RRR)….H105261375 and A105261602 in school
    jamb registration no: 48026826CE
    application no: D13501038

  89. christian james nwanneneme says:

    please i need help. my school have been trying to upload my name to nysc portal but the portal is saying erro because of my Jamb reg. N0. 39168926 IJ. and i just realised that my reg no. is having regularization issue. i have try to follow the procedure here to do it but no avail. pls i need help urgently because the portal will close on monday. Thank you

  90. Pls , really need you help. Am an HND holder,I already have my regularisation pin. But I could log in to d admin. And am doing my mobilisation on Tuesday. How do I go about it. It’s just saying service unavailable. What’s wrong pls

  91. Please what is the reason for the error encountered “error connecting with database” in the course of my regularization, the quoted message appeared on several attempts to submit my registration after completion of all required filed, upload of passport, and capturing of both thumb fingers.

    please kindly provide feedback through the above mentioned email.

    Thank You.

  92. oluwadamilola says:

    Please I have been trying to do my regularization but it keeps saying error connecting to the data base.. Please what do I do.. My school would av been processing our results now I don’t want to be delayed for service

  93. Pls the link for validation is not going through. Am expected to to do it as soon as possible in other to be mobilised for NYSC

  94. Please is there any other website for jamb because keeps displaying internal server error. Please help

  95. Please can validation issues be resolved at a jamb office

  96. Pls the regularization on the jamb Portal keep displaying internal server error, pls wat can be done

  97. I can’t regulirize my jamb admission o and the NYSC registration will be close on the 12th of this month. Can someone help me please?

  98. pls is it a must we do jamb regularization bfore we can collect DE form…… it a must we collect the jamb reg no in our school…cant we just collect it in jamb office

  99. I made some mistake while filling the regularization form on line, pls how can it be corrected

  100. Osagie samuelgreat says:

    Hello Sir, please I gained admission 2014 without jamb, but I did regularizaton and jamb number of 2010. please what should I do? cause o want to apply for DE.

  101. osagie samuelgreat says:

    please sir / ma, i need your help i was admitted in 2014 in my school with out jamb, i did regularization. my regulation number was not in 2014 but 2010. please what can i do please?

  102. Am I to pay any token 4 d regularization

  103. Pls concerning d jamb regularization num….i been trying it not going, it displaying dat i cant have access to data base…..pls i hv d reg pin with me..wat should i do

  104. i have already make a payment of my money, jamb no was given i.e 06546298BI only for me to print the admission latter, the side is close, i creat a different account is asking me to pay another #10,000 for same purpose what should i do

  105. can the jamb regularisation be done in jamb office

  106. I just visited for regularisation and it says I will have to pay 10k and the procedure given is totally different from this.. Please help me address this.. Thank you.

  107. I did direct entry into Unilag, wanted to check my result and the course they gave me I logged in and it showed sorry no admission is given yet. what does that mean.

  108. Pls i have visit jamb office i was told that d website is going on upgrading that i can nt do any thing for nw….so what should i do nw, i m nw having d reg pin with me no where to enter it, is there any hope or i will register for another one….or retrive d num back…pls i need ur respond

  109. Good morning, I want to regularize my Jamb registration number but the site is saying ” 500- internal servet error”. please what shoulf I do now?

  110. Good day… Pls I purchased jamb direct entry form for Unizik where I did my OND… am still worried cause I tried checking my admission status and the site showed me INVAILD REGISTRATION NUMBER… pls what can I do?

  111. Goodday …pls I did jamb and use it for my ND without having any problems with any registration number. Now I want to another sch for HND and I was ask to pay 10,000 for jamb regularization which we all that were affected pay we are told jamb is saying now that they are not having anything to do with us and our 10,000 that we shld go and do it on our own.This is a present issue.thanks

  112. am a part time student of Yabatech want to ask if der z chance for me to do de without jamb reg and if der z any solution dat can be done . Admin is t true dat I can do de using other diploma.

  113. oyebanji olayemi haiba says:

    please help me out oooo i did regularlization this year and was given new registration number which is 46507739de. i wanted to print out the admittion letter and i was told to verify i tried doing that but was told it the verification is closed. i dn’t know wat to do now please come to my aid… looking forward for your replay. thanks

    • pls, my name was uploaded in Nysc through my school senate list. I have registered for Nysc but was not mobilised in stream one and I think its because my jamb is yet to be regulated, though nysc stated on my dash board that am not on stream one, I don’t want to miss stream two, should I regulate my jamb because I didn’t meet up when it was been done in school.

  114. adeleye peter says:

    pls admin am an nd graduate of a polythecnic in nigeria, in the course of my admission i went to a poly which am trou wit now but on my jamb portal am havin oou has my admitted school wat can i do, hope it wont affect my direct entry process cos i didnt go to d school coz d admittion came in late…What shoukd i do

  115. Good morning admin.,pls am a fresh graduate of Federal polytechnic Auchi. Actually before i left school,I was asked to pay #5500 for jamb regularization in which i did that and waiting for the next step to take,bt now i. heard i am paying #10000,jst want to know how valid the info. is and how should i go about it plssss .

  116. Please Amin, am a fresh graduate, and I was given admission by jamb, I have my jamb admission letter with me, have also check my admission status and I was given admission. Please do I need to do this regularization stuff before I go for service. Reply

  117. I have ND and HND without Jamb number and I want to apply for DE. Pls, How can I get the Jamb number.

  118. Please I got my ND jamb admission letter,and I did my HND in same school, do I need jamb regularization before going for NYSC?

  119. jamb registration error,jamb registration was 56288861Di and was mistakenly use as 56288861id in my school post utme when registering…so i need help


    i try regularizing my jamb to enable me proceed for NYSC but the year of my admission did not display on the list that 1998/1999 academic session

  121. Anih chidinma peace says:

    Please I wrote jamb 2011 with the registration number 15434794CD but wasn’t given admission. I got admission 2011 and now am a graduate and am supposed to go for service this year. I paid for online registration for jamb regularization sometime in may 2014 but was given a pin belonging to someone else(15218182FG) by jamb. Since then I v been trying to rectify it but all to no avail. Am worried sick as am about to start my final clearance to enable me mobilize with my mate. Please admin help me on this please and I will forever be grateful. You can get to me via my and my number 08119214153.Thank you.

  122. plz i need ur help on how to retrieve my jamb regularization number, though i have done the registration on jamb site but now i have misplaced my jamb registration number, plz i need ur help to printout my jamb admission letter to be submitted to the school. thanks

  123. jibatswen Ibrahim says:

    I pay for jamb regurazation since last year but uptil now the haven’t given me the number I pay the money in my school FCE zaria

  124. Ajayi Opeyemi Adenike says:

    Good morning, pls we have been given jamb registration num in my sch, but we haven’t go online to claim the pin. Are we still going to pay another money again? Bcos I don’t understand

  125. pls, is 2017 jamb regularization started?

  126. pls, is 2017 jamb regularization started? and the procedure

  127. I payed for jamb regularization in my sch 2014/2015 because jamb gave me admission into a college of education and it has not been regularized….please will I need to pay another money?

  128. Have paid for jamb regularization and have not bn given registration number yet

  129. Please someone did jamb regularisation for me and there is alot of error like my name Osarugue ✅but the person put osarugie any intested or 533 to end my mat no he put 53 please wht will i do

  130. Hlo, pls I wrote jamb 2012 with the registration number 26272657Fl but wasn’t given admission, I got admission 2012 nd now am a graduate,will b going 4 service dis year nd I paid for online registration for jamb regularisation but still saying not yet been offered admission. My quest is will dey rectify it before 2017 mobilisation commence. Thanks

  131. ajiga.o. paulina says:

    sir, i have done my registration. is it possible to scan and send my indemity to my school for approval?

  132. “I gained admission in 2012 to study computer science in Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) but my Jamb admission letter say Agricultural Engineering. what can I do about this”

  133. Pls I was admitted for my ND program in OSCOTECH through jamb in 2011,and now I am doing my HND in federal poly offa,I just checked my admission status,and I was shown the admission of OSCOTECH,do I need to do regularization again?

  134. Oyediji Solomon says:

    I am Oyediji Solomon Oyelami a HND holder waiting to get my jamb regularization pin after three weeks of online payment and registration. This pin is needed to process my NYSC call up letter

  135. Oyediji Solomon says:

    I have paid for jamb regularization is over three weeks now I have not been given registration number. Please help me

  136. please i want to know if jamb regularization registration can still be readjusted??

  137. please i have paid for jamb regularization like over a month now I didn’t seen any message from jamb about the pin

  138. John Onucheojo Gabriel says:

    pls I did jamb regularization and all my mates have gotten their jamb pin n I’m yet to receive mine.
    I graduated 2015 December from federal polytechnic Idah

  139. can I use my old jamb no to regularize.?. I paid last yr no reg no..I paid dis January no responds yet..

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