How to Root Samsung Galaxy Light – Rooting Samsung Galaxy Light

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Light : this provides you full control over the installed ROM and you can even install a new faster ROM on it to make it look better. Apart from that, one can even tweak the hardware settings like overclocking your device’s CPU.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Light
Follow all the steps as given in the tutorial and do not try something not mentioned in here or you might damage your smartphone.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Light

Step 1:

The first thing that you need is SuperSU which you can search and download from Google Play Store here.

Step 2:

Switch off your smartphone. Turn it on in Download mode by pressing Power + Volume Down + Home button simultaneously. Then press the Volume Up button to continue as prompted.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Light

Step 3:

Open Odin software on your PC and then connect your Galaxy Light to it using a USB cable.
Step 4:

When your device is successfully connected and recognized by Odin, its color will turn yellow and will all show the COM Port number to which the device is connected.
Step 5:

Now, you just need to press the start button on Odin software to begin the rooting process.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Light

The rooting process may take some time to complete. But when it is complete, you will be able to see a “Pass” message in Odin, as well as your device will restart to its home screen.

And that is all, you can unplug your device from PC.

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