JAMB Registration Mistakes – How To Correct Mistakes in JAMB Result

How To Correct Mistakes in your JAMB Result – JAMB Registration Mistakes have actually turn to norms or tradition this days and so may people are calling our help line base on this. Actually this acclaimed norm (JAMB Registration Mistakes) is not proper and should be avoided BECAUSE it will just land you into problems.

Some Of the Problem JAMB Registration Error/Mistake can cause you are

  1. When you check Admission Status and you are getting “No admission is given Yet”
  2. Invalid Registration Number when you try to print your JAMB result.

Some of the Course of this JAMB Registration Mistakes are
1. Registration by Proxy – This is when you don’t care about your JAMB registration and send any person maybe your friend, brother or sister to do the registration for you. Most times those people doing that registration for you may not really have your corrected details and they will go as far as using whatever they feel to register JAMB for you and later it will become a problem.

2. Not Filling your JAMB registration Form Correctly – A lot of Candidates made one mistake or another while filling their Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, Jamb Registration Form, and after the results is released, they found out the mistakes and getting it fixed might looks so impossible

Common JAMB Registration Mistakes

These are common JAMB Registration Mistakes

  • Mistake in Date of Birth
  • Wrong Name spelling
  • Mistake in School
  • Mistake in State/Local Govt.
  • And some other mistakes you may complain about.

The good news is that, the above enumerated JAMB Registration Mistakes can be corrected!

www.jamborgng.info have devoted the time and other resources in helping candidates that have such issues.

How To correct Mistakes in your JAMB Result

Do you actually need to make a correction in those mistakes made on your JAMB result. If we are in the same page here i.e How To correct Mistakes in your JAMB Result, then you need to follow the advice below.

Advise For JAMB Registration Mistakes

If you have any mistakes in your JAMB Result as shown above in the Common JAMB Registration Mistakes. Then all you have to do is to VISIT JAMB zonal office or state office closer to you make your complain and apply for corrections. Usually you will be required to provide the following documents when applying for correction in your JAMB Result.

  • Photocopy of your Birth Certificate if the mistake is about your Age.
  • Affidavit from court to testify your names, LGA and States if the mistake is about your name, LGA and State of origin.
  • Money – Yes of cause money will be needed to process your application for fast result.

So to fix Common JAMB Registration Mistakes, you need to prepare with the above. May I remind you that affter application, it might take 2-3 weeks to get your result sorted out.

If you still need help and advice, please use the comment box below to pass your issue to us so that we can help you.

74 thoughts on “JAMB Registration Mistakes – How To Correct Mistakes in JAMB Result

  1. Please..how can i get a court affidavit and how much money is involved. Also, do i need to do this before or after registration? Thank you.

  2. I have a problem concerning thumbprinting, pls can anything be done?

  3. Ukanwa Chisom Nicholas says:

    please sir/Ma
    i made mistake on my jamb registration, the mistake is my sure name instead of UKANWA i wrote AKANWA am confuse and i dont no what to do please help me . i will be looking forward to seeing your reply
    Thanks and b e bless

  4. auwal ahmad musa says:

    pls sir l made mistake in puting my name AHMAD AUWAL MUSA but i write MUSA AUWAL AHMAD haw can i do

  5. ugo odionye says:

    pls i want to know were jamb office is in lagos,

  6. Abubakar Hussaini Imam says:

    My fullname is Abubakar Hussaini Imam and jamb registration man refused to write IMAM. Then what i need to do to add it in my fullname?

  7. david adebowale says:

    please sir, i made a mistake in registaring my jamb name.instead of adebowale david,i registered prayerdavid adebowale.sir how can i change that prayerdavid.

  8. Dominic John Essien says:

    My name is Dominic John Essien, but in my JAMB registration that i used in gaining admission into the University, they wrote DominicdJohnEssien without separating the first name from the middle name and the addition of letter d after letter c in Dominic. Please sir what can i do to correct it because i want to do my Direct Entry registration

  9. Ishiekwene favour ifelunwa says:

    pls am from Delta,there is a mistake on my jamb result,they wrote male instead of female
    pls can u kindly help to me correct it or show me the procedure to follow, cos I’ve visited jamb office at Asaba but they said they can’t help me

  10. please the date of birth on my jamb result is incorrect…what can be done

  11. pls in my LGA instead of uhunmwonde I wrote Egor how do I change it?

  12. OTTAH MARY PEACE says:

    Their is an error on my jamb verification for direct entry.istead of OTTAH MARY PEACE they typed OTIAH, pleas i need your assistance on these.thanks.

  13. Please how can I change my name in my jamb result and how much will it cost please I need it asap

  14. Is it too late to make corrections??

  15. faith Emmanuel says:

    pls my middle name is divine but in jamb I wrote peace pls how do I change it

  16. garba mustapha says:

    am by garba i want u to help me to change my number on jamb registration or give way how to change it by my self through my phone

  17. Please I made mistake in my matriculation number i.e my ND admision number. Can it be corrected?

  18. Kazeem ibrahim says:

    I make mistakes in my date of birth hw can I solve it out

  19. Bashir Sani Sabo says:

    Please Sir I need your help. I registered for jamb D.E 2012 through a proxy and unfortunate he made mistake with regars to my date of birth. I graduated from the university in 2015 and the now that we are about to go for nysc, the university called my attention that the date of birth on my jamb is different from the one I have on the rest of my documents including my certificate of birth. They recommend that I should get it corrected before they upload our senate approved results to nysc, failure of which might run me into trouble. Please Sir, what can I do?

  20. suleiman abba abubakar says:

    Please I have problem in my jamb registration am using Suleiman Abba Abubakar an in my jamb I use Abubakar Suleiman Abbah can I still have my admission like that or what can I do please

  21. I went to jamb office @ ikoyi lagos they said that they cant do any thing abt it my date of birth. 1 gave me advice to go to court … Am just confuse

  22. Omorogbe marian says:

    pls jamb gave me a wrong date of birth.and now I need it to be corrected.I went to jamb office in Benin dey told me to go to abuja for d corrections and m nursing mother.I want to ask can I buy scratch card and correct it on line.tanx so much for ur answer

  23. Pls there was a mistake in my date of birth during my jamb registration that appeared on my result,im in 400 level now,but i have bin to jamb office twice now.they said they cant do it that i should go to Abuja. Pls i need help

  24. please what is the format of the letter i mean to who it will be addressed the letter,can i attach affidavit for birth problem and its 2011 jamb its possible to amend such mistake.

  25. Their is mistake on my date of birth on my result slip, I wrote the exam 6 years ago, now I need to register for Nysc and the mistake still show, is it OK for me to back it up with my birth certificate? and other document that indicate my date of birth,or what would you advice?

  26. I make this mistake when chosen institution back in June which I complain to registration centre but he said I should leave till when registration is closed that there’s card purposely for that without knowing that is what to did pls what should I do now is it late or I still hv chance sir thanks

  27. Grace Kachollom Gyang says:

    I want to correct my year of birth, my year of birth is 1987 not 1986. how can I correct it plss. thank u

  28. charity ukamaka says:

    pls sir I want to correct my name in jamb and I went to their office in Asaba and they said that their site is not working. pls what should I do

  29. Ajimisetemi Israel olatunji says:

    Good day sir/ma While I was registering for Lasu second choice screening exercise, an error was made as regard to my UTME number. My number: 66019754JB but 66019754JF was mistakenly used instead at end of the registration. All other data is correct except the last alphabet in the UTME number. I’m so worried in fact I don’t know what to do next and my score is 70.5%, to study economics education. I will be anticipating on your good gestures if I can be assisted because I don’t want lose this admission, its been my fourth attempts..

  30. ziyaulhaq kabir says:

    i have wrong date of birth in my jamb what can i do correct it tnx

  31. pls need ur asistant on how to change my date of birth



  34. THE SCHOOL I FILL IN JAMB IS LAUTECH AND IM ADMITTED and pls BC OF THIS wrong date of birth filled can they denied me the admission

  35. Gudday sir/ma, please can i be able to change my date of birth on jamb admission 2013. please if i can what are the process to follow. please help me.

  36. Please is there a way to correct any of these errors online?

  37. Pls is the jamb change of institute composery for all the ND1 students???

  38. Pls,There was an error on my date of birth during jamb registration.. I applied for correction already..which I paid 2500 to jamb…after printing d slip….I filled it…but am scared if the head of Lasu will sign it for jamb approval.

    • it will be signed

      • I’ve been admitted to oau but in my waec and nce i only used my surname and first name while in my jamb de i included the initial of my middle name i printed the admission letter with the middle name initial. I have made the payment to correct this mistake so that the name on my admission letter will match the one on my waec and nce certificates but my institution has not signed it, now i tried to check my admission status but displaying page temporarily unavailable i hope this will not deny my admission pls! help!

  39. Pls I registered an incorrect email address to login my jamb account.
    How can I change it

  40. pls an error was made wen I was registering for jamb 2011. instead of ibenero chidiebere madukeze, madukeze which is my middle name was used as my surname… when admission list came out my name came out as madukeze chidiebere ibenero ie wit d mistake….jst want to kno if it will affect me for my Nysc and if dere is nid to change it? thanks

  41. dat means dere is nid to change it?

  42. Steven Oranekwu says:

    There was a mistake in my choice of school, I was given Fed Polytechnic Ede instead of Fed Polytechnic Idah which is my actual choice. Pls how can correct this?

  43. Pls who is to sign the form that will be sent to jamb office to authenticate the correction (the vc or the registrar)?

  44. Pls who is to sign the form that will be submitted to jamb office to authenticate the correction (the vc or the registrar)

  45. Pls who is to sign the form that will be submitted to jamb office to authenticate the correction (the vc or the registrar)?

  46. Will this correction of name make my admission void on jamb portal?

  47. Tauheed Mohammed says:

    I have applied for correction of Date of from 22-02-1990 to 22-02-1993 but I have been given a form to be filled by the Head of institution and he is accessible by me. pls guide me to the easiest way

  48. please, I requested for a change of admission letter from plant science to Anatomy but when I checked my admission status I saw medicine and surgery instead of Anatomy I don’t know where the mistake is from, I have not printed it out, please what can I do without paying extra 10k, my jamb registration number is 25947968FB

  49. Pls I believe I have a strong case here,Babatunde Kayode Joseph is registered on my o level and jamb results but Babatunde Oluwakayode Joseph on my degree result and on my birth certificate. And also June 9,1991 on my jamb result instead of June 9,1992.Pls how can I go about all this to make sure I am not cut off by NYSC this year?

  50. Please help me. In my Neco result I only used my surname and first name. While in my Jamb I use my surname, middle name and first name. Currently, I have graduated from Auchi poly as ND student. Would that affect me in my NYSC when I come back to finish my HND?

  51. I made a mistake registering my name in jamb instead of Houessinon Mawutin Louis I used Houessinon okeoghene Louis. what can I do?

  52. Judith sopuruchi says:

    I made a mistake in my jamb instead of sopuruchi I put sopruchi Wat can I do

  53. pls, i apply for correction of name on jamb site my name is mistakenly written as Akannni david omotayo instead of akanni omotayo daud and my name is yet to be corrected. i have also gain admission into yabatec but they refuse to clear me because of the name and i have pay acceptance fee 20000 what should i do now

  54. i did correction of date of birth but it has not yet been corrected by jamb and its delaying my screening plss jamb do something my education is at stake….

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