JAMB Regularization – Solutions to Sorry No Admission is Given Yet

JAMB Regularization – Solutions to Sorry No Admission is Given Yet

The JAMB Regularization is a platform created to help candidates who have issues checking their JAMB Admission Status. Usually each time they try to check their admission status on JAMB official website, they keep getting a message that says “Sorry No Admission is Given Yet”. This article is designed to proffer a solutions to those candidate who already have that problem. If your status show that you have not been admitted whereas you have been actually admitted or already graduated, then you need to read below to learn how to get your status rectified.

You might be asking why all these JAMB Regularization thing? or do i really need to regularize my JAMB admission with the board (JAMB)? Well the purpose of JAMB regularization is to ensure that JAMB have your current admission detail that tally with admission/registration record in the school that offered you admission. Without this also, you may not be mobilized for NYSC when the time comes. Meaning that if you have this problem, you need to regularize your JAMB Admission status ahead of NYSC mobilization.

The two (2) things that contributes to “Sorry No Admission is Given Yet” are
1. It’s either you didn’t do so well in JAMB but performed well in post UTME that made your school admit you without JAMB’s consent.

2. Your institution failed to regularize your admission at the right time.

Before now most of you apportion these blames to JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) saying that JAMB is the cause of it, but the truth is that they are not. Well Enough of the blame, let’s get this fixed.

Who Really Need JAMB Regularization?

  • Any student, or graduate that found his/her admission status as “not yet admitted” on JAMB website.
  • 100 Level to final year students admitted through Pre Degree Programmes without admission information (sometimes registration number) with JAMB.
  • Students with double admission who decided to accept one of the schools not recognized by JAMB.
  • Those who gained admission through Direct Entry (ND, HND, NCE, IJMB, etc).

Requirements for JAMB Regularization

To go through this JAMB Regularization properly, you need to gather the following documents/information about yourself and your admission. Some of the important requirements include:-

  1. Your Matriculation Number in the school admitted.
  2. Full name (no abbreviations).
  3. JAMB registration number (UTME, DE).
  4. Pre Degree Reg No. (where applicable).
  5. Your State of origin.
  6. Local Government/Area (LGA.
  7. Gender (whether male of female).
  8. Date of birth (used in JAMB registration).
  9. Course you are studying
  10. Full address used in JAMB registration.
  11. Year of admission

When you have all these…

Proceed to any JAMB state office nearest to you and submit your details. You will be required to pay (AT LEAST) N4,000. Note also that there is a procedure for doing this online through JAMB website but it’s a bit rigorous. Also you can do it in your school through your School admission office.

But if you want to Try It Yourself: Follow this link to know if you can regularize yours online free of charge.

Still Not Successful?

Comment below and explain exactly what your problem is. We shall follow up and see how to be of help.

81 thoughts on “JAMB Regularization – Solutions to Sorry No Admission is Given Yet

  1. olayinka malik olaniyi says:

    good afternoon jamb official

    Pls I have a problem with my jamb status…bt till dis very moment it’s writin no admsn yet…nd I v graduated…nd I also saw my name on the senate list of my skl…meanin I cn nw register during nysc 2016 batch A registration exercise….pls wt do I need to do to b on a safer side…cos my skl procedure is somehw slow nd I wud prefer to do it online since u said it’s free…pls guide me tru it…wud really appreciate

    • NYSC online registration don’t actually require your JAMB admission letter. Provided your name is in the senate list and your school have issued you, your statement of result (Degree), you don’t really need JAMB admission letter. When the portal opens as from Monday 8 Feb. 2016 you should go ahead and register online

  2. AbegundeAyokunleVictor says:

    Every time i check my nam it always result dat sorry no admission is given yet pls is there any hope 4 me ,here is my regno:55437823BF thanks.

  3. Austine David says:

    pls jamb officer, I finished my ND for a year noww and I want to apply for DE Dis year and my status is still not admitted yet, what should I do and do I really need it to apply for DE?

  4. Pls, i have done my regularization and yet its showing no admission given yet. What should i do?

  5. Omotosho Ridwan Bolaji says:

    Please the problem I have is that I was given admission into Computer Science in Federal Polytechnic, Offa, but when I checked my admission status in JAMB website, it shows that I was given Civil Engineering. I want to apply for DE can it affect me in anyway or not? Please treat this as urgent. Thanks.

  6. Prince Taoheed says:

    Hello sir, I finished my ND programme in 2015 as
    a full-time student – but when I check my
    admission status, it was college of education that
    appeared. Do I need jamb regularization in order
    to complete my Direct form registration or I
    should proceed with the registration with my
    jamb registration number?
    Please I await your response

  7. Raphael Noriode says:


  8. Raphael Noriode says:

    Hello, admin I just finished my ND form federal poly Nekede and I want to apply for ditect entry but I tried and it’s showing no admission given to my Jamb reg no. Wish I used to apply for my skull, anyway I read about the situation and I know d problem now but the thing is he contacted my school through someone and they said I should go to Jamb office and I av a course mate experiencing thesame problem right now he said he went to jamb office and he was told to go to his school, I am really confused right now…anyway u guys said I can help I want to know how….And keep in mind O gain my admission rightly and I was a full time student also.

  9. Raphael Noriode says:

    Thanks much admin, but I don’t understand the step 2 for the online regularization process I av inputed the reg no. But it’s showing registration number not found, please what exactly am I to input there.

  10. Having similar issue with jamb regularisation number number, don’t no if Lagos State jamb office at ikoyi can give d regularisation number, bcs a friend of mine as gone there dy directed him bck to sch, whereas my sch as been on strike for months what do I do, ND I have gotn the direct entry form already

  11. Well done Admin. I graduated in my school(Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic,Ijebu Igbo) wia i studied tru PART TIME MODE. I didnt use jamb to gain d admission. I graduated JULY,2014 and now,my result is out and I want to obtain d DE form 2016 but I dnt know if I will b required to supply JAMB REG NO while filling the form. I sat.for JAMB last yr but i applied for a different course to a different schl.
    I have tried to click on the regularization
    link using my 2015 jamb no,d reponse am getin is “reg.no not.found

    1.what do i do to obtain d DE form

    2.If i need to go to jamb.office for d regularization,which documents do i go wit cos my schl said dey are nt doing it

    3.Can i feel d DE form witout using any reg no?

    I will appreciate ur reply.I studied com

    • Hello fisayo,

      Since you studied via part time programme, now you wish to continue through direct entry. I advice you visit your school to get proper guidelines on how to register for direct entry. Possibly there maybe ways designed for part time graduate to pursue direct entry. Thank you for contacting us.


  12. I don’t understand? does the validation and filling of the comes after payment of the regularization fee

  13. pls I did it in my school but I can’t find my name on the list… what can I do to confirm if my name z out….

  14. Samuel james says:

    Do I have to re- regularise my jamb number anytime I want register for direct entry exams?

  15. Zaccheeas gideon femi says:

    Pls admin i apply 4 jamb regularization in my school but after been given the registration number i tried to regularised it but wat it shows is reg number not found pls wat is the solution to this

  16. Obodoakor Moses says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    Please help me out. I gained admission into my skul through Pre-Degree and graduated last year. Now waiting for Batch B. Can i get a new jamb reg number in the jamb state office here in lagos with my Pre-Degree No. ?


  17. I apply for DE dis 2016 but at cause of the registration i did not use my previous jamb number hope dat will not affect my adimision abi

  18. I apply for 2016 DE but at the cause of the registration i did not use my previous jamb number hope that will not affect my adimision abi

  19. Good morning admin, please I was told my registration no has been regularized, but still showing registration number is not found wen i tried to validate it. Pls wat should I do?
    05506965ED is the reg no

  20. Gud day sir, ave already done my regularisation nd wen i checked it no admission has been given yet and i want to collect DE. Pls wat can i do sir

  21. Please i gain admission into my school in 2011 now am in my final year. I just check through for my admission status and it was no admission offered yet. So i click on the regularize option and i entered my registration number this is the response i received “This Candidate is NOT a regularized candidate or May have Amended Data” please what can i do.

  22. Please , for undergraduates who do not have matric number how do we go about it?

  23. Nice job admin, pls. I have ND with lower credit in mech. engr. from a polytechnic applying for DE to a university and I have registered and submitted online with “OTHER DIPLOMA” and i have as well submitted them to jamb office.
    yesterday I read about “jamb regularization” online which I have not done, pls. is there any possibility of admission? if no pls how can I correct my mistake online and jamb office? thank you……. or while I process the jamb regularization can I buy another DE scratch card to start another registration online. My fingers are crossed for your reply sir

  24. Wasiu Tijani says:

    Plz admin. I also have similar issue , Jamb D.E form is about to close in few days and I have went to my sch for jamb regulirization, but is not yet out . please can I go ahead with my reg. no to complete the process. I would be looking forward to your response . Thanks.

  25. Adeniyi Christianah Ayobami says:

    I did the regularisation in my school still yet is not admitted yet I see wat can cause it, because I need it for my direct entry this year.

  26. Adeniyi Christianah Ayobami says:

    I did regularisation in my school still, is not admitted yet I see and I was told that I need it for direct entry this year. what can I do?

  27. My name is victor & I did a daily part time programme in a polytechnic. We were not regularized but only matriculated. I have tried to regularize it online myself following the proffered help suggested above all to no avail. Please can I get a help? Secondly, is regularization, a criteria for given admission since I haven’t been able to regularize my status currently? Thanking you in anticipation.

  28. Adedamola Adesida says:

    Hello. I entered my registration number on the JAMB website but the website told me “Registration number not found”. Please what can I do?

  29. Hello, please help me out. I entered my Jamb Reg number for the online regularization and it said “Registeration number is not found”. What is to be done?

  30. i do checked my jamb admission severely but no admission is given yet is this going to affect my admission from the school now?

  31. Akinremi tosin says:

    Please I just gained admission for my HND and I hvent done my jamb regularization can I still do it during my HND programme in my newly admitted sch or I hv to go bck to where I did my ND I need to knw urgently please

  32. please help me. i used my jamb regularization number given to me by the school i went for National Diploma to register for Direct entry by i did not gain admission into the school of my choose but i gain admission to my previous school. but i need to print out a slip (Check admission Status Slip), to submit in my school. but it always show NO ADMISSION GIVEN YET. and i have already validate the number. what should i do. please

  33. i was told to bribg 10,000 from d school i did my nce for regularizarion.and money is too much.can i pls come to d jamb office straight for d regularization

  34. i was told to bring 10,000 from d school i did my nce for regularizarion.and money is too much.can i pls come to d jamb office straight for d regularization

  35. Does one need to obtain a new jamb registration number or use the one giving sorry, no admission is given yet for the regularization

  36. For those who have not be given admission can call 08130584944 for admission help immediately. Limited slots available. Call professor solomon on 08130584944 Note: admission before payment



  38. Jeremiah Solomon says:

    Please help, I am done with jamb regularizations, even having my jamb number but still is sorry no admission is given yet, what next to do?

  39. Hungavu Noah says:

    please i need my jamb regularization number for my DE

  40. Tunde Oluwole says:

    After I did the jamb regularization jamb sent message to my email that it has been approved that I should proceed to print my jamb admission letter and I was given a new jamb registration number but when I checked my admission status with the new jamb registration number it shows no admission yet.why I don’t understand

  41. Rufai Temitope says:

    I have done the jamb regularization since April and have not yet been notified about anything, please I need it quick before D. E close

  42. If i check my admission status d school dat appears is nt d skul i attended wat should i do please

  43. Thanks for giving us this information. I like this website.

  44. Godwin Patrick says:

    Ghud day pls I was gvn admission on my reg number to study for a degree.. But I instead went to a polytechnic same year.. Nw I wanna register for DE. I went to jamb office they said I can use the reg number for registration.. Is this correct.. Cuz my reg number displays you have been given admission for a four years course.. Thanks

  45. agboola femi tope says:

    sir, I av done my jamb regulariazation since July 22, but since then I haven’t receive my jamb pin no

  46. Sir,I have done my jamb regularisation but yet to receive any message from jamb on my email and direct entry closes tomorrow please help me.what do i do?

  47. please sir i am doing the jamb regularisation myself and when fill the last session to submit the reply i get was that i have use the service before and cannot complete it and they deducted 10,000 from my account pls sir i need your help


    “My admission was given to me
    by jamb in unwana polytechnic and am
    done with my national diploma
    there am doing my higher
    national diploma at auchi
    polytechnic, am l to regularize
    my jamb again?”

  49. Obi Callista Ebelechukwu says:

    Hv paid all the debts required for regularization of jamb admission, yet no admission .

  50. I gained admission to the same school for my ND and HND program through Jamb did I still need regularization for my NYSC

  51. Mine is some few months back i check mine it wrote admission given,but when i check today its written not admissiin given.pls can it be a problem,because am going to nysc this batch.

  52. Pls i have done jamb regularisation and made the necessary payment for it and jamb sent an email that sorry no admission yet because of invalid jamb registration number pls… What can i do

  53. Please i tried checking my jamb admission status today they wrote sorry please admission is not given yet please what can i do and what does it mean 75509076HD this is my reg no

  54. Darlington Edem says:

    plese i have been given admission by scholof choice but jamb admission status keeps showing me no admission yet. What do i do

  55. Onuoha Munachi Grace says:

    My school of choice gave me admission this year and I have accepted it on Caps but jamb is still saying no admission given yet

  56. pls I v don’t de regularization ad I apply for D E but still saying not admitted yet

  57. pls help me my jamb no 79235533EJ

  58. I have paid for my regularization since October and I still haven’t received my admission letter, wat do I need to do?

  59. I paid for my regularization since October and I still haven’t received my admission letter wat do i do?

  60. please I score 209 during my jamb exam, but I still have not gotten admission, what chances do I have when my status is still writing sorry admission is not given yet!!!.

  61. I have done my jamb regularization since 3 Weeks ago,have not yet receive any code on my gmail please wat is the way out and I want to apply for direct entry this year

  62. please jamb have been trying to do my jamb regularization infact I’ve started opening my jamb profile but it’s saying invalid email or password and I don’t know the cause. what can I do? Thanks

  63. I saw my name at the school admission list that I have been admitted but jamb is still saying that not admitted yet ,,,,,,please what’s the cause

  64. Pls admin i need ur help. I have completed my ND programme and want to purchase direct entry form but the issue at hand now is that before i go buy my school form registration has ended so i had to apply for part time programme. Can i use my other jamb reg number that i could not apply with to apply for the regularization?

  65. I did my regularization where I paid ten thousands and jamb gave me admission but I came too do my DE but if I come too summit it will said my registration number is wrong or there not gave me admission while I paid ten thousands and jamb gave me admission what all this pls help me

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