MTN Project Fame Registration Form And Audition 2016

MTN Project Fame Registration Form 2016

I believe by now you already know what is MTN project Fame, in case you don’t know. MTN project fame is a music star hunt organised annually by one of the African Largest Telecommunication Industry MTN. The project fame is basically designed to discover talented individuals and helping them reach the top level and achieve the celebrity status.

So do you want to achieve your dream and become a music super star like Tu Face, Wizkid, Davido, Iyanya, Don Jazzy, Then you need to start your MTN Project Fame Registration now. By getting the 2016 MTN Project Fame Registration Form and filling it as directed below, you will become one of the contestant of 2016 MTN Project Fame.

MTN Project Fame West Africa not only making you a super star but also gives you fame (Celebrity), trains you professionally in the field of music, connects you with other bigger artist, gives you a perfect vocal training, stage performance/movements and songs writing. So the question is what is stopping your from starting MTN Project Fame Registration now.

The next thing after your MTN Project Fame Registration, is that if you eventually becomes the MTN Project Fame winner, you will become a part and member of MTN Project Fame Academy for a period of two months and 2 weeks for blending and grinding you more into world of music.

MTN Project Fame Registration Form And Audition 2016 – Click Here to Register

Past winners of MTN Project Fame

  • Iyanya
  • iMike
  • Chidinma
  • Ayo
  • Olawale
  • Geoffrey Oji
  • Jeffrey Akoh

Requirements for MTN Project Fame Registration 2016

The following below will be the basic Requirements for 2016 MTN Project Fame Registration. Also some amount of money will be required during the registration that will cover your audition. After filling your MTN Project Fame Audition Form, you are required to attach the following documents/elements and bring them to the MTN Project fame Audition Venue.

  1. MTN Project Fame Application Form 8-digit PIN recieved from 35850 (MTN Only)
  2. copy of photo ID/International or ECOWAS passport ( To get PIN, send name and location to 35850-MTN only)
  3. Applicants must be 18 years and above in age – Open ended, failure to verify age will result to applicant being declined
  4. Amateur only eligible – anyone who has recorded or released a song or album is not qualified to apply.

Personal details needed for MTN Project Fame Application 2016

  • Surename
  • First and other names
  • Date of Birth – Format DD MM YYYY Age (18 years is minimum age of eligibility)
  • Sex M/F
  • Nationality
  • National ID Number or passport country of issue
  • P.O. box Postal Code and/or Street Address
  • City/Country
  • Telephone number Mobile number
  • Email Address
  • Occupation
  • Language (Tick in box English, French or Specify other
  • Have you ever been convicted for any offence other than traffic offence? YES/NO if yes please specify
  • Musical Background
  • Instruments played (Tick in box) Piano, Guiter, Drums, Flute Other (Please specify
  • Song Writing (Music Composition) Yes/No
  • Do you want to participate in MTN Project Fame 2016? (Maximum of 50 words)
  • ……………………………………………………………..
  • ……………………………………………………………..
  • ……………………………………………………………..
  • Have you ever participated in any talent Show? Yes/No (If yes what level did you reach) ……………………………………………….

How Much is MTN Project Fame Audition Form

For now no amount have been fix for MTN Project Audition. The amount for the audition changes from year to year,. Be prepared for any amount it would be this year. 2016.

How to register 2016 MTN Project Fame

  • MTN 2016 Project Fame Registration Link is
  • Click The above link and fill the form appropriately
  • After filling the form, you go to buttom of the page and click on print audition form or submit query

You want to know how to get 2016 MTN Project Fame Registration Form? Please click on the above link and follow all the steps correctly. Please bear in mind that MTN Project Fame 2016 registration is now on.

Here is MTN Project Fame 2016 Audition Dates and Venue 










18th June 2016

08:00 till 17:00

GHone TV Studios, South Industrial Area, Accra.



18th June 2016

08:00 till 17:00

Tafo Arena, Poly Road, WAEC Office Junction, Eleyele, Ibadan.


25th June 2016

08:00 till 17:00

DeEdge Hotel, Plot 12 Location Rd Off Tombia Extension, GRA III, Port Harcourt.


25th June 2016

08:00 till 17:00

National Center for Women Development, Tafawa Balewa Way, Opp CBN H/Quarters, Central Area, Garki, Abuja.


1st & 2nd July 2016

08:00 till 17:00

Ultima Studios, Funke Zainab Usman Street (End of Admiralty Way-behind ThisPresentHouse), Lekki, Lagos.

Please register now and ensure you complete all the processes of MTN Project Fame Registration so that you can participate in the show.

Jeffrey Akoh that won the last edition of MTN Project Fame 2015 all started like this, so you should take the challenge by picking the form when it starts. Also you have to believe in yourself, put on positive mind and never accept doubt or defeat.

If you have any questions or contribution regarding MTN Project Fame Registration 2016, please feel free to use the comment box below.

Good Luck
MTN Project Fame Registration Form And Audition 2016

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  1. Nice one! Please, I will like to be notified when the form is finally up for sale.


  2. Idowu harjorke says:

    Dear mtn project fame is there any way u can start a show just like this for christian talent holders i am so sure u will be amazed by the turn out of christians youngstars that dont want to go into circular music the show will be the likes of sunday’s best on bet network on dstv i hope you consider this idea you will be help people more than you think Thank you mtn i love you

  3. please,what of a situation whereby one cannot play any musical instrument bt yet talented in music,is there any hope for such person?

    • You are qualified to participate provided you meet up with other conditions or requirement, even if you don’t know how to play any musical instrument.

  4. please,what of a situation whereby one cannot play any musical instrument but yet still talented,is there any hope for such person?

    • You are qualified to participate provided you meet up with other conditions or requirement, even if you don’t know how to play any musical instrument.

  5. thanks alot. I love projectfame and i love M:T:N:

  6. Jacob Alpheus says:

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    pls i dont have a national id card, which one can i use? cos i dont want to miss dis oppournity. and i will like to know when d form is out and how much it will cost.

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    pls u wil lyk to knw wen d registration form nd is onlyn nd if u cn kindly send it to my inbox or my mail, I wil b very grateful

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  12. I will like to be notified when audition is to comence

  13. I Have Fill The Online Form
    Please What Should I Do Now,because I Am So Intrested In This Year Mtn Project Fame Competition,i Will Appreciate It If I Get A Feedback From You Guys,thanks.

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    pls kindly notify me when the registration form is out,thanks.

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  16. Mary chinenye says:

    I dnt hav a national iD card can i stil go ahead with d competition

  17. Mary chinenye says:

    Can i do the online registration now

  18. Mary chinenye says:

    Where can i get the form when it is out. is it in the bank?

  19. Philemon Dorcas says:

    Please i want to know when the form will be on sale, and please am so interested in this year’s project fame but i don’t have passport and international ID, those it mean i can’t apply, please help me.

    • The form will be on sale soon, even if you don’t have international passport, i think your voters card or national id card may apply

  20. Philemon Dorcas says:

    But i have none of those, i recently clocked 18

  21. please. I clocked 18 recently. I don’t have a national id international passport or voters card. and I’m so prepared vocally for this year’s project fame. what do I do. since I don’t have any of these identities.. pls reply. thanks

    • You are expected to fulfill the requirements before you are eligible to participate, since the form is not yet out, you can use this period to get International passport and keep yourself ready ahead of time

  22. Pls dont forget to notify me through this contacts:[email protected] 08106443984, 08075214968

  23. But there is something i dont understand sir/ma, is it on net we are gonna pay the money through or in the bank? then if we are gonna pay it in the bank does it mean we are gonna get the form from the bank? pls with due respect feeds me with answers pls, thanks.

    • The registration form is not yet on sale, once it is on sale it will be published and where to get the form will be stated also, please be patience

  24. okay thanks for that advice. but what if I have a drivers licence? will it be accepted? please reply. thanks

    • It might be accepted, but to be on a safer side, why don’t you use this period to get international passport, afterall is still going to be usefull for other things

  25. please address me. I can’t think straight now. this isn’t easy

  26. I have my drivers licence. I want to know if it is also qualified. because I don’t have that money for international passport. please reply as soon as possible. thank you

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  28. i have my
    drivers licence. I want to know if it is also
    qualified. because I don’t have that money
    for international passport. please reply as
    soon as possible. thank you

  29. please i want know if in a case where an interested candidate does not have an international id or passport does it mean there is no chance for him or her? secondly can the person come with his or her certificate of origin if he/she does not have an international id?

  30. please i’ll like to be informed immediately the is out on sale. this is my contacts 08091786847. thanks

  31. hy, please can one present his/her certificate of origin aside from an international passport/id? pls give me replies, i need to knw as soon as possible. thanks

    • If that should work, it will be stated in the requirements, so when the release of the form is announced, it shall come with application requirements. Please may i remind you that the purpose of this information is to have an idea or ideal information before hand

  32. Goodness Lawal says:

    Please I don’t have National ID card. What will I do to be among the contestants? Tank u.

    • Try and Get it or its equivalent (International passport)

      • Plz I’ll like 2 knw if 2016 mtn project fame season is season 8 or season 9? & cn u plz tell me if d form is out or registration is going on right now? Coz smone sed d registration is alredy on, plz u cn either contact me tru [email protected] or on 08169299216. Tnk u!

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  38. pls can one use an expired international passport,d one dat expired just last yr..?kindly reply quickly

  39. Racheal chollom says:

    please inform me wen the form is out 08160669024

  40. femi gunnaike says:

    this is my first time. pls sir/ma. can my ID card be allow and passport. and how am I going to be informed when the filling form is ready. i don’t want to loose my talent

  41. pls informe me when the form is out l.can I use my working ID card if I don’t have national Id,and international passport?

  42. OK but another solution for me?

  43. OK but any another solution for me?

  44. Pls cn u also notify me once d form z out? Cus i need 2b updated,here z my num.08149476662

  45. but if one have his/her national id card he is good to go ahead.

  46. Hi dear mtn project?,can i use my school id.please reply now,plls…

  47. kelvinpaul(HUMILITY MUSIC ENT.) says:

    one to you all ‘ Myname is kelvinpaul i love being one of the mtn project fame winner’ Please alert me when form my phone No is 08100904555 E-mail [email protected]. thanks

  48. kelvinpaul(HUMILITY MUSIC ENT.) says:

    pls i really wana be part of this year edition……what next am i to do?pls kindly notify me when the form is out my phone No 08100904555 & Email [email protected] and kindly send me the procedure and the requirement pls thnks

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  53. I love project fame & i cant wait to be part of it……..

  54. And I finally got my national identity card .. I’m so ready for this year’s competition…. I just hope it’s a fare one. No cheating or special services… Please keep me updated with every information concerning this year’s pfame.. Thanks

  55. babayemi ibukunoluwa says:

    please my national id card is still in paper form,i has not been changed to card abeg is it welcome

  56. Olusanjo Moromoluwa says:

    Hi, I love project fame & I really wanna participate dis year, But I’m gonna be 18 years on October of dis year. pls I’m I still qualified to participate??? Will I be notified wen d form is out?

  57. Olusanjo Moromoluwa says:

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  58. Awajiokiche Robinson says:

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  59. Samuel adigo says:

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  61. Pls I will like to know if i can use d duplicate of the national id? I dont have an ecowas pasport or an international pasport…but d nartional id is still in papper form can I use it? Pls reply thanks

  62. pls is d registration still on goin? Wen is d xpiry date and pls where is d venue?

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  64. odinaka Emmanuel says:

    plsss…I want to b informed on when d form will b out….plz here’s ma contact 08103834315..tanks so much…

  65. pls notify me if the form is out

    • Hello christietokio, will inform you when the form will be out that means you keep visiting to always be up to date and do not forget to tell your friends and everyone on your social media forum.


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    My question is, after registration on line for d Mtn Project fame, wat next???

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    • Hello Jaywils,

      Thank you for contacting us, The form is not yet out. Please do expect our updates via our website and emails but if you wish to have an SMS updates from us. kindly provide us with your phone number at the comment box.


      • Thanks 4 replying. i ws so anxious to knw wats happning. anyways this is my number 08091786847. pls do alert me wen d time comes.i’d really appreciate. tnx

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    please am interested and would love to participate in this year edition of mtn project fame… please you guys should inform me when the form is out thanks


    sorry I forgot to drop my contact….. 08098967020

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  85. Pls i don’t have a national iD but i have a students iD can i use it?

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