Nigerian Police Shortlisted Candidates for 2016 Recruitment – Check List Here

Nigerian Police Shortlisted Candidates for 2016 Recruitment – Check Nigerian Police Selected Candidates 2016/2017 Here

Nigerian Police Service Commission hereby informs the general public especially those that applied for 2016 Nigerian Police recruitment that the Nigerian Police Shortlisted Candidates for 2016 Recruitment is Out.

It is our duty to get all Nigerians properly informed to avoid any form of scam. Already, Police Service Commission (PSC) on Thursday 2nd June, 2016 shortlisted 338,227 applicants out of the 911,438 that applied for recruitment into the Nigeria Police Force. Also stressing that the initial shortlisting of applicants was done electronically. Finally the Nigerian Police Shortlisted Candidates for 2016 Recruitment is out now. learnt that 44,661 were shortlisted for cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) , 87,736 for cadet Inspector and 205,830 for Police Constables. While, the initial application statistics reads thus – 262,426 applicants applied for cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), 211,832 applied for Cadet Inspector and 437,144 for Police Constables.

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“Invitation letters were also sent to successful applicants through SMS and to their personal email addresses.”

The Commission through sincerely warns that all applicants should disregard fake letters from criminal elements and never yield to any enticing promises from any individual or group parading themselves as high ranked police officers asking you to pay any amount of money to be recruited.

Honestly we understand your passion to join Nigerian Police and never let it put you in a desperate corner. With regards to the List of Successful Candidates For Nigerian Police Recruitment 2016 now released. The invitation letters states the date for each person’s screening and venue of the screening. Whereas the screening of Candidates into Nigeria Police Force is starting as from Monday 6 June 2016. Please, if you have not received an Invitation For screening Comment below and keep checking from time to time to get the right information.

How to Check Nigerian Police Shortlisted Candidates for 2016 Recruitment

To avoid misled, we wish to work you through the proper channel to check Nigerian Police Shortlisted Candidates for 2016 Recruitment. The under listed websites are the official channels to check Nigerian Police List of Selected Candidates 2016/2017

  1. Nigerian police recruitment portal 2016 at
  2. Nigerian Police force official website at
  3. Nigerian Police service Commission at

How to Check Names of Candidates Shortlisted For Nigerian Police Screening 2016 Recruitment

  • Go to the NPF Recruitment Portal at
  • Click on your State of Origin to access the List and see your screening Date.

Note – This is the initial List for General Duty Applicants only.

1. Shortlisted Candidates Are to Dress in plain White shirts/shorts and go to Police Command Headquarters of their various States of Origin on the Designated interview dates. They are also to go to the interview venue with a printed copy of the letter sent to their emails without failure, as this admits you into the screening venue.

2. Furthermore, you are to present both the original copies and photocopies of the following

i. Your Duly completed Guarantor’s Form
ii. State of Origin Certificate
1ii. Educational Certificate
iv. Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age
v. One White coloured Office Flat File Jacket
vi. Two Recent Passports Photographs with your name written behinf in capital Letters

3. You are to strictly adhere to the contents of this letter as no excuses will be entertained.

Help – If you want us to keep you updated for free via SMS about Nigerian Police Shortlisted Candidates for 2016 Recruitment, then use the comment box below to send your phone number to us. Also whatever issue you are facing about this police recruitment, please feel free to ask us question using that same comment box, our Online Support desk will gladly attend to you in a satisfying manner.

Good Luck
Nigerian Police Shortlisted Candidates for 2016 Recruitment

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      • Uchejim Elvis says:

        I really appreaiate the management team of this site for your information, am grateful. please keep it up. May fairness prevail to the end of this NPF recruitment exercise in Jesus Name I Pray(Amen).

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  160. Nigerian Police Screening Date and Venue for successful candidates 2016 - Online Prex says:

    […] >> Click Here to Check List of Successful Candidates […]

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  213. Ahaneku bright says:


  214. Austine Michael says:

    I’ve not gotten any sms yet. And please, notify me once the list is out and how to check it. This is my number: 08036583840

  215. Gudmorning Sir, How Is The Screening Going To Be? What Are The Cretarial Needed And Does It Parmitted For Ssce Statement OF Result?07069469959.

  216. Arigu S. Joseph says:


  217. Roland Ofojie says:

    I av not receive any invitation letter yet. I can’t find d shortlisted names here. Pls update me on; 07032459110. Time is fast approaching. God bless u all

  218. Roland Ofojie says:

    Pls update me. On 07032459110

  219. solomon ibrahim says:

    you guys are doing a good job.pls hw is the Nigeria police date pattern . 6/7/ it June 7 0r July 6?. pls help

  220. pls sir his can I update my application because my Email address is incorrect

  221. please keep me updated for the Nigerian Police Force shortlisted candidate, I cant find the list yet. 08112738381

  222. Ibrahim Dauda says:

    Please keep me update for everything of police recruitment 2016-2017

  223. pls notify me when the list is out. 07068749835

  224. Ezekiel Daniel says:

    I received an sms to my phone but there is no massage send to my personal

  225. am frm abia nd hv not recieve any msg or email hw do i confirm if i made it tanx dis is my no 08100100329

  226. I received an system telling me to login to my mail or check psc. Gov . No but no any vital information and the site ain’t opening. Keep me posted please. 08066687195

  227. Ezekiel Daniel says:

    I received an sms to my phone number but i do not see the massage to my personal email address. Please how will i know the date of my examination/ Interview? Thanks

  228. kairudeen olawode says:

    pls I didn’t receive any mail nor sms, I want to know if am not shortlisted. my name is olawode kabirudeen, state of origin Ekiti State.

  229. kairudeen olawode says:

    pls notify me via sms or mail [email protected], 08066149553

  230. Idowu Bukola Emmanuel says:

    please sir,I want to known if this little date can course me not to received invitation. My NYSC discharge certificate number was A001447613.( 2009 )why the typist, type 2010.please Sir help out.My phone number,08036756426 /0705127728

  231. Nwocha Valentines says:

    I heard the names is out, please how can I check mine, thanks

  232. Esla Abaga says:

    Sir,i have not seen message and I need to travel down to nasarawa st from lagos.pls help me out.08153527180(BALA YAKUBU AYALO, thank you sir.

  233. I didn’t see any invitation Letter in my Email.

  234. NWOKE VALENTINE says:

    I heard that the names is out, please i have not receive any message and how can I check mine, 08165192159, thanks

  235. pls notify me 08026725364

  236. Please ave received sms, as regards the police shortlisted list but yet to know the date of screening and designated state. Reach me through 07062438751 thank u.

  237. Clement ushie says:

    Pls where and when is the exams and centre for those in Abuja, I mean Abuja centre for the exams

  238. oyewale oyeniyi says:

    pls i received the SMS for the screening but could not get the mail for the date and venue for the exam.



  239. Mashood Yusuf Abiola says:


  240. Adeyemo Adedoyin says:

    Please I don’t get any message…07032346856

  241. Usman Ibrahim Abdullahi says:

    Hello sir,
    i have received an sms said that i’ve choosed among the shortlisted candidate in the NPF screening today 04/06/16 and am not yet receive an email invitation, here its my no: 07032131355 and my email is [email protected]
    thank you sir, i wish that my complain will be quicly consider and respond.

  242. samuel okon willson says:

    please i need update about the shortlisted candidate for nigeria police force. 08165052498, 08022389561:

  243. pls l have not seen SMS of NPF

  244. 08065918384

  245. ndubuisi anthony says:

    Got d message dat ve bn invited for the screening,that i should check my email or the commission’s website…but am yet to receive the email and am unable to access in on the website

  246. Amaifeobu Andrew Uche says:

    pls I have not gotten any test msg or email yet. pls what is ur advise to me. 07031885549 is my phone Number . Thanks.

  247. Ogege Monica says:

    Pls notify me on the date and venue. This is my number 08132165775

  248. John Esther Echa says:

    Please,I did not received SMS pls update me why through this 08036252920 or 08062440338 thanks

  249. John Esther Echa says:

    Pls update me why some people received SMS why some did not.08062440338 or 08036252920 tnx

  250. John Esther Echa says:

    I don’t understand, I mean no SMS is sent to me

  251. Ijale Benjamim Odeh says:

    Good day sir, please some of us never receive any email or SMS up till now. I need update. 09030968662

  252. Hannah Asuquo says:

    pls I don’t understand is the screening done according to state each person come from.reply me wit my number 08065693065

  253. can i see d shortlist of pple dat re selected pls 08109086510

  254. hope onyechefuna says:

    I want to headquarter today and was told that the list placed was not for specialist candidate ,that the list for specialist is not ready please I want to no if is true

  255. ugbong emmanuel says:

    did applicants need to go to their state of origin?07033753312

  256. pls hv applied for npf recruitment bt till now hv sms or Email. so pls provide me with up to date info. Thanks

  257. Tende Tanimu says:

    pls my eyes are waiting to see the list. via ;

  258. MOHAMMED YANMA says:

    pls sir notify me where wil be screening venue {08134363859

  259. Hafizu sabo muhammad says:

    sir,contact me on my email or sms.because i never receive any information.or call 07063061716 08136968475

  260. Hafizu sabo muhammad says:


  261. Nice to meet you. I want always to be in contact with you via SMS through 08137793512

    • Hello Usman,

      Thank you very much for contacting us, it is our pleasure to keep you updated.


      • A friend’s name was shortlisted and his interview is 8th june without text message and letter in his email box to present on dat day. Pls sir wot is he going to do?
        His name is Ohonsi Edos Jerry,from Eso state, Igueben LG.
        His fone no is 08022660728 and 08036880780.

  262. pls send me my invitation msg through this number. 08133996842

  263. Benjamin samuel says:

    Please i need to know if. My name is out

  264. I apply for the ongoing recruitment and I saw my surname only without the others names, am just confused I don’t know if I should go for the screening?. The name is under Amos Husseini under Michika local government Adamawa state

  265. Rabiu Adamu Dayu says:

    that is good issue

  266. Opakunle Samson Shola says:

    please when is my screening date ? please notify me on this no. 07036379461

  267. temisan Akunsuwa says:

    I need my full name and serial number

  268. oluwakemi peter says:

    Please more update concerned the list released
    my name is the shortlisted names but I did not receive any mail
    I have checked my box several times but no mail receive from police service commission.

  269. victor moses says:

    I have not receive any text from you consigning the police exercise date and time. Here is my phone number 08036913785 you can send the text to the number thanks.

  270. Nwaokelemeh ikechi says:

    i applied for the rank of ASP up til now i have not received any mail notification

    • Hello Ikechi,

      If your name is in the list and have not received an invitation SMS, please ensure you go for the screening today 6 June, 2016 because chances are your own message may not have delivered. Thank you for contacting us.


  271. Bello mary says:

    I saw my name on the list, nd not tru email or sms. Am also convinced on the interview dates. Pls direct

  272. Bello mary says:

    There is nothing to show as evidence, since i saw my name on list nd not tru email or sms.wat can be done pls. My phone no is 08139122437

  273. Am david agbike uche pls i need an update i want 2know if my name is among the list that is out am from enugu state in nsukka LGA THANKS my number is 08051833831 says:

    Am david agbike uche from enugu state in nsukka LGA i want 2know if my name is among the list that is out.pls my number is 08051833831

  274. Olowo Sola says:

    I got d information of list of successful applicant for police screening 2016 lately and i hvnt checked my name

  275. 08160427907

  276. Celina onuh says:

    I didn’t see my name in the list of police recruitment

  277. Abdullahi bello tola says:

    I did not received any message did is my 07063006211

  278. Unyime Akpan says:

    pls i need to be updated with the NPF news (09038737268)

  279. Olasoji Abimbola. R says:

    I hope to be updated or rather notified on this No 08038189584 /08036830581. Thank you

  280. I apply for police but i didn’t receive SMS or email what should I do

  281. Sunday A. B says:

    Pls, the released list was titled ‘For General Duty Applicants Only’ does that means the list for the SPECIALIST will be publish? Pls update me on 08156581895

  282. JIMOH MARIAM says:

    Pls I need latest info on police recruitment exercise 2016 and the list of shortlisted candidate. This is contract NO. 08072634965. Email address : [email protected]. Thank you

  283. Hadiza Abdullahi says:

    Nice to meet you I applied for Nigeria police cadet inspector as a SPECIALIST but I didn’t see my name in the list of my state.I don’t know if specialist are not among those list pls help..

    • Hello Hadiza

      Specialist were actually involved in the selection process for recruitment but the truth is that after application by candidates, it will undergo the first screening before finally publishing the list of candidates that will be physically screening on the state level. This affected many other people, not just you. Thank you for contact us.


  284. Adeyemi iIsaac Opeyemi says:

    this is my 07030554110

  285. Abubakar garba says:

    Pls how can i check my name for the list of short listed because i did not received sms and my num is 07011931640 ABUBAKAR GARBA

  286. Muhammad Luqman says:


  287. Akhigbe Solomon Ehimigbaiiroruan says:

    Pls I did not see my name on d list or the list for specialist not out?my phone number is 08038117360.thanks

  288. peace nwanmereni says:

    pls sir, my name was shortlisted at Rivers state headquarter and I av never receive any email. what will I do abt it will better u keep me intouch through sms 08164673463. Tnks

  289. Audu Dockson Sunday says:

    Good day,please I have a complain about my names are Audu Dickson Sunday,but on the shortlisted names is showing the other name no surname.The names appeared as Audu Sunday almost twice no Dickson and the other one appears as Dickson Sunday no Audu. Please i need help these are my phone numbers- 08077719553 or 08094465961.

  290. ogunlana marcus olalekan says:

    pls I have not receive SMS and also email. pls send me my own and how to go about it

  291. ogunlana marcus olalekan says:

    pls did is my number 07067984087

  292. Ayuba yohanna says:

    My name appear on the shortlisted list that was pasted by the police service commission but i dnt recived any text message,plz can someone xplain 2 me why it happen this way.

  293. Onoboh Benson says:

    Ave Not Recieve A Message On My Phone Numba Nor My [email protected] Pls I Want To Be Updated

  294. Mamzhi Gideon Nansel says:

    pls, i am writting my own exam on 8/june/2016 and the invitation has not been send to me. Help me pls.

  295. izueke onyinye blessing says:

    07035380043 i want to know if my name is inside the shortlist.

  296. Ekhalia Gabriel says:

    Pls I did not see any letter in my email

  297. pls sirs how will i known that i have be select into NPF

  298. I did not received any message, but my name is in the list I my free to go to the screening. 08106970284

  299. Baba Anthony Bashayi says:

    pls when is the shortlisted names for specialist will be out? update me through this number 07032730136

  300. Hello admin. I applied for Specialist but all the list is saying for general duty only. Pls are the specialist not considered again. Are we left behind?

  301. Onogwu john says:

    I saw my name in my local governmrnt list wen i checked d recuitment portal bt i didnt hv middle name, so am confused if really dt z my name nd d date dy put dere z 24th of june

  302. babawande abadat ayobami says:

    Good day, my name was shortlisted but I didn’t receive mail or text. Thanks

  303. Akintola saheed says:

    Text on the shorlisted list in ibadan,oyo state under ibadan north east local government

  304. Akintola saheed says:

    Text on the shorlisted list in ibadan,oyo state under ibadan north east local government.07030305452

  305. Daniel Ibeakanma says:

    08034401741 Thanks! i will suggest the short listed names be made available online so people can check their names instead of trooping in to the state of origin and taking the risk of travelling

  306. Isaac Iwuala says:

    Please, thanks for your wonderful work,i will be glad if you keep me up through sms or call 08098763419 thanks

  307. Isaac Iwuala says:

    Pls notify me on any information about polce recruitment thanks.u guys are doin a great work

  308. Samaila tumba says:

    Hillo sir, please i need your help, my name is on the list but i dont receive any email please help out, bcus their said that we should print that massage which wl be as an evedence @ the gate during exam.

  309. List of shortlisted applicants for screening into nigeria police force 2016 recruitment is out,for details and other problems,call admin 08072513301

  310. odoemelem Emmanuel says:

    Sir pls my name is among dose they pest their names at police headquaters umuahia but they haven’t sent me any invitation letter. Will I stii be screened?

  311. Omilani john olufunsho says:

    I want to no if my name is among the successful candidate for constable

  312. please, I have not receive a mail or SMS for the recruitment. please me. O81OO9569O4

  313. 09030173987

  314. 09030173987 Inform me if my name is shortlisted or not

  315. Queen Inyang says:

    Pls check if ma name is on d list.I havnt received any SMS/email.Am frm Akwa Ibom,NO-08083824705. Thnx..

  316. When wil d nigerian police shortlist d names of d specialist. Plz i need 2 b updated 08066679595

  317. itah eya okon says:

    please sent me the invitation letter to my gmail or sms,itah eya okon,07065606528

  318. Amiru umar chiroma says:

    I applied nigerian police but i did not recieve message what should i do please

  319. Amiru umar chiroma says:

    I applied for nigerian police but i did not recieve a message what should i do please

  320. ITA INI UDOFIA says:

    Please sir, i found my name shorlisted from Akwa Ibom but haven’t received neither an sms nor mail. Kindly update me on when and where my screening holds. Thank you
    My email; lyonudofia @
    Tel; 08165421083

  321. please i will like to know when is the screenig date.this my num,09090199061

  322. Ezekiel yakubu says:

    I apply as a driver those that mean my name will not be in the list?
    please reply me…..

  323. Good Morning pls i saw my name and up to now i didn’t received any text messages or email and my date is 11/6/2016

  324. Gabriel O. says:

    Please i need the list of the shortlisted candidates because i applied for the ASP cadet and can’t access the names online.
    My name is Odey Gabriel. Mobil: 08022870844.

  325. Adekola opeyemi says:

    Pls have checked the list online, my name was there but I never see email or any text messages. Pls help me out oooooo oooooo 07034300864

  326. Agbo Daniel says:

    please,you can contact me on the phone number and email above

  327. Agbo Daniel says:

    that’s my email

  328. Christian Abah says:

    I apply for this exercise but I have not receive any massage or email.

  329. Opara Dennis chukwujike says:

    Sir I applied for for police drone the first time the online stated but I didn’t see my name. No invitation, please sir I need an update

  330. Opara Dennis chukwujike says:

    This is my number 08038956206 I Need an update

  331. mustapha tope says:


  332. Oyebamiji yusuf olatunji says:

    pls my name as been shortlisted but i couldnt receive any tex on my phone nor screening date is on d 14th of dis monthPlease here is my number,07032347405 .pld i hav problem to print invitation letter to interview thanks.

  333. PINON DAPISOM says:

    Please you can update me through 08059816684/07063636221, and when is the list of specialist applicant will be release? Thanks.


    Hello,i did not get any invitation letter via sms or email,kindly update me through sms on this 08063401964 especially on issues concerning imo state applicants, Regards.

  335. elegbede obafemi says:

    please this is my number 09097569471 i want to know if there is still another list for specialist

  336. prince victor says:

    updates on d list & screening date for nigeria police specialist

  337. prince victor says:


  338. More grease 2ya elbow !
    msg via 07068036438.

  339. Thompson Christianah says:

    Notification is needed through this number 08066983717 thnx

  340. Pls notify me on the updates. sms to 08037801783.

  341. Aneatoo Stephen C. says:

    please I need update on how Nigerian police screening is going,my number is”08064855108″

  342. peter adebayo says:

    pls update me when the result is out on the number 08147232664

  343. Aki Gold Egbor says:

    please I need an update via my inbox

  344. Kareem Kuburat Bimbo says:

    Pls sir,wn will d specialist names wil b out?i need update dis is my num,08031158425


    please kindly notify when the specialist list is out.

  346. I wish to appreciate your concern and sincere effort so far. Kudos. Please keep me updated through my number :08091140505. Thanks a lot. God bless you all.

  347. Esther kauna mathew says:

    Hello my name is esther kauna mathew from benue, i have see my name in sholt list, that is on 18th but i did not see any leta in my email yet this my number 08134673455

  348. please ma or sir, i have been sick all these while, i am just recovering and was able to go to the cafe today only for me to see that my screening date was June 7th at edo state police command headquarter by 8.00am, what am i to do ma or sir. are there any chances left for me to still sit for the screening. please i would like to know. 09083773458

    • Hello Angela,

      Thank you for contacting us, is a pity you missed the screening due to your health. Honestly at this point is is almost difficult or impossible to sit for the screening because the commission didn’t design any resitting packages for those that may miss the screening due to medical reasons. But we advise that you visit your center to make an inquires and be convinced with the directives stipulated for Nigerian Police screening.



    Pls notify me if my name is among shortlisted and the date I suppose i attend for the screen. Thank for your cooperation and God bless


    Pls notify me if my name is among shortlisted and the date I suppose i attend for the screen. Thank for your cooperation and God bless. My is this 08164056886


    sir my name is not in shortlisted of your candidate pls keeping me date tans 08063110291


  353. Since i didn’t get invitation letter to my email, how can i know my screening date? 08165192131. Thanks.

  354. Please there is a controversy here…where specialists published and mails sent to them…information from some quaters has it that specialists were not initially included… whats the real story admin…

  355. I applied for police cadet and my name came out but am yet to receive my own invitation letter but i was able to check my name through my friends own and my name was on the list. my phone number is 08063982763. thank you.

  356. Chukwuma Sunday says:

    Sir pls wen ar we expecting d list for d specialist tnx 07069249726 plz update me

  357. Victor Jake Udofia says:

    Clled to service

  358. KWADA MAGHE says:

    Sir,please i apply for police constable but i did not received any sms or EMAIL,This is my number: 08163125020,& my EMAIL is [email protected] sir.

  359. please, my name is among the shortlisted candidates, but no text or email was sent to me. the shortlisted candidates are required to come with the printed copy of the email while coming for the screening excerse. as non was sent to me, what will i do? please help me. my num. 08136039231

  360. edim timothy okora says:


  361. Update me…07057825357

  362. Hope to hear from u……tanks fr d great job well done

  363. Hope to hear from u……tanks fr d great job well done .07036613091

  364. CHRISTY LYN says:


  365. Bolaji Mayowa Sangojimi says:

    Pls do update me. Really appreciate your efforts in trying to conduct a fair recruitment. Keep it up!

  366. salami dada david says:

    sir i aply for 2016police recruitmen but i have no any sms neither to be able open my email please i need stedy notice on this information my no 09051464999 God bless you

  367. kingsley joseph says:

    Am kingsley joseph by name 4rm abia state nd i applied 4 the rank of a cadet inspector nd i reali wnt 2 knw if my name is among d shortlisted candidate after d screening exercise.plz do wel 2 notify me through my mail

  368. Mark happiness says:

    please, i applied for Npf recruitment, and I never receive any email or SMS, please what can I do, this is my number 08034572093 tell me. thanks.

  369. Pls sir, I registered for this police recruitment exercise as a specialist. But I have not received any invitation message. I don’t know what is happen. Please this is my Mobil number 07035358558. Thanks

  370. Hassan mansur says:

    I never se my invitation latter please send me in my email [email protected] 07032394182

  371. I need an update for npf list plZ 07069732550

  372. Aladetoyinbo says:

    thanks for your help. but I want check the shortlisted name for ASP in order to check my name, my name is Aladeroyinbo Emmanuel A pls help find if my name is on the list, and some saying that they used year starting from 1988 for ASP, how through is this?

  373. Iorkyaa igbalumun says:

    Am lorkyaa igbalumun by name from benue state i applied for the rank of cadre inspector i want 2 known if my name is among the shortlisted candidate after the screenrng exercise.wel 2 notify me through my mail

  374. Pls I need information concerning the results of the Nigeria Police Force.

  375. Mohammed Zakari says:

    pls I want to know the examination date
    and time, 08101351451

  376. okpe joseph says:

    I have finished with the first zonal screening and when is the next screening is coming up please?

  377. Mohammed yakubu says:

    Pls inform me if d qualified candidate of screening is out my number 08086366744_07034434301

  378. When shall they shortlist the successful screened candidates

  379. Odeyemi Ashimiyu Oyeniran says:

    Pls i have not gotten test masseg or email yet pls what can i do advise me on 08023527166 or 08033965890 my email is [email protected]

  380. ple notify me if d police screening result is out, No;08130182894

  381. omorodion godwin says:

    i want to know when the list for specialist is going to come out,my phone is 09034986764

  382. Pedro Nwuchola Ottah says:

    Pls fnds pls aret me d day of intake of Nigeria police force recuritment 2016

  383. d name wil soon be out by endin of dis mnth 09031314536

  384. Nwachukwu solomon.c says:

    I want to know the date of the second screening cox i hav not receive any information since i went d first screening

  385. Pls am using blackberry 8320 can I be able to download whatsapp pls help me on dis line 08060712006

  386. Please help me send me through 09092594785

  387. Timothy Folajimi says:


  388. Mfon Gideon Bassey says:

    please help me to the of exam becos i am worried so much and almighty God must surely bless you thanks

  389. pls when n time did cadet inspector have their exams?

  390. wilson Halilu says:

    is there an new list for successful Candidates ? or the same list of shortlisted candidates of last month? I have not receive new massage or Email
    pls this is my phone no.07030651703 .thanks.

  391. Adeyemi-Taiye Kehinde A says:

    I will like to receive update about the list of names shortlisted with regard to the Police Recruitment. My number is 08161605823

  392. name of shortlisted for npf

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