Npower Recruitment 2016 Second Batch List of shortlisted candidates

Npower Recruitment 2016 Second Batch - For the interest of all candidates who applied for Npower Recruitment 2016 and did not see their names in the first batch list of shortlisted candidates,  Who wish to know if Npower Recruitment 2016 Second Batch List is out , it is to your concern that we bring this notice to inform you about Npower Recruitment  Second Batch List .

How to Check Npower Recruitment 2016 Second Batch List

-enter your phone no

if you are shortlisted then visit

All other information about Npower Recruitment 2016 Second Batch List  will be announced here in this website. For the meantime, the  Management is working on getting every thing ready.

Always check back to get the latest updates about Npower List OR visit .


please You are to follow the Above mentioned steps to check your status when the second list is finally uploaded on their website.

If you need us to help you with information at the right time about Npower Recruitment 2016, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask us questions any time.

167 thoughts on “Npower Recruitment 2016 Second Batch List of shortlisted candidates

  1. Adigbo comfort says:

    Pls I really need assistance on how to check my name on the list, I have tried it and it’s not going through for me and am afraid now. Pls what do I do

  2. Davies Olayemi says:

    Sir,pls notify me whenever the second batch shortlist is out,08068120659

  3. Nwosu Chukwuka Godwin says:

    I was not shortlisted in the first batch of npower. Please should I register again?

  4. usaku stephen says:

    i want to known weather second batch is out

  5. I did not received an SMS for the test, but wrote the test in westside. And I did not see my name for the shortlisted in first batch. What can I going to do

  6. Ayamke ternenge says:

    When is our posting going to be release

  7. adepoju tawalalitu funke says:

    I applied for npower but no acknowledgement. Please what’s is the way out.

  8. adepoju tawakalitu funke says:

    I applied for npower but I did not receive acknowledgement. Please kindly help.

  9. Pls i applied for redeployment to Ondo state but i have received any message about it.pls what can i do.

  10. Nwanna Nnamdi Michael says:

    when is the second batch list coming out

  11. Abbas Buhari Sani says:

    Pls let me know when second batch released

  12. nwewu Chijioke says:

    notify me when next batch comes please my name is 08030502464 my name is Nwewu Chijioke .thanks

  13. Bastos olutimilehin Ayinde says:

    My phone number is 07088861126

  14. Atoyebi Kamil says:

    Please I am looking for the Second Batch list, When Second Batch list comes
    I Atoyebi Kamil with N0: 08063060042. Thanks

  15. Sir, there will be second batch?

  16. usaku stephen says:


  17. Oduh Anthony Itodo says:

    please, my name is Oduh Anthony Itodo and i would like to know when the Npower second list will be out. thanks. 08133477549.

  18. Olaniyi Soetan says:

    Good day, pls I like to know when the 2nd list is or released

  19. pls let me knw wen d second list will b out.

  20. Adebayo Ibrahim says:

    Plz i would like to get a mail whenever the 2nd batch list is released>

  21. Amaka Blessing says:

    waiting for 2nd batch.

  22. Iwuji Ogochukwu M says:

    pls notify me when d npower second list is out, 08135081025

  23. yusuf a ganiyu says:

    how to benefit in second beach

  24. pls inform of d 2nd list .Atimbir philip t 07033858306

  25. Pls when is npower second batch will be available?

  26. abdullahi sanusi musa says:

    please update me about npower list

  27. Oladipupo Gbenga Opeyemi says:

    plis which address did u post for d candidates,was it the one on CV or their state of origin & I also want u to keep updating me.this is my phone number 08108197584

  28. onuorah Agatha chinonye says:

    please remember my name in the second list thanks 08030613050

  29. Erhurhu Eseroghene says:

    I applied for npower creative and my name is not listed in the first batch.

    Pls, kindly list my name in the second batch.
    Contact: 08036066732


  30. Bello Toye Christopher says:

    I was not sent any SMS for d Test,despite d fact I was acknowledged,but I wrote d Test.Pls,kindly help me on d second list or batch.cos this Npower means a lot to me.Am from Kogi State.Ogori-Magongo LGA.Bello Toye Christopher 08068140895.Thanks

  31. iroegbu chibuzor ruth says:

    Pls how can I check the batch B result….honestly I am tired checking n

    • iroegbu chibuzor ruth says:

      I applied for the npower test, n got an acknowledgment that it was successful n I wrote the test…and now the batch A” list came out I did not see my name….and now batch B” is out and it won’t open I have put all of my strength…pls my name is chibuzor ruth iroegbu…my phone number is 08034145349,thanks sir

  32. okpalakunne chizoba says:

    pls help me checke my number is 08060912962

  33. Please I applied for npower creative I don’t know when the list will be out…please help 08164567010 Thanks

  34. Pls sir help me i want my name to be in second batch in the npower programme, pls help me. Here is my num 08061158847 and i want u to also help me to update me

  35. Good day Sir. please Sir, I have my N-Power Acknowledgement Letter but my name was not shortlisted in the first bash list. What must I do? when are we expecting second bash?

    My phone number is:08058191382 you can reach me that phone number above Sir. Thanks for your understanding.

  36. Aminu umar shawai says:

    Good day sir.kindly imform Me 4 batch B.I am not short listed 4 batch A. Help me 4 second batch.Thanks 08130200399

  37. Manzuma Mohammed says:

    I knw wt GOD all tinz re possible.i pry my name wil b listed

  38. I see my name in list but did not opened when I search with number

  39. Akinlalu Akintoye says:

    l registered for npower but l was not shortlisted in the first,what is my hope .

  40. Admin,please notify me

  41. when the namewill come out?07051890214

  42. iroegbu chibuzor ruth says:

    Thank you sir….for ur candid reply

  43. idowu ebenezer says:

    Good day sir, I am expecting my name in 2nd batch, I followed the procedure but I couldn’t find my name on first list. Ekiti , Ikere residence and oye l.g. Thanks.



  45. I hardly notice wen all dis exercise was going on.. now my ears are on da ground, please notify me wen da second list is out.. 09030052195, or 08080689087. thnx

  46. Ben Salvation Edemekong says:

    When will list for npower knowledge be released


    I applied for the npower teach and i wrote the assesment and my name is not out for the first batch and iam from OHIMINI local gvt of benue state pls sir hope my name will be out for the second no;07058995660 thanks

  48. pls notify me when the second batch n-power teach is released

  49. Ejikeme Amaechi Doris says:

    sir, am one of does people dt couldn’t write d online test blc of network problem,network ws so bad dt day.sir pls u people should hv mercy on us,dis npower mean alot to name is Ejikeme Amaechi Doris my phone number is O8065216828

  50. Pls is dia hope for dose of us dat didnt write d test in d second batch

  51. Nyior mngusuur says:

    please let me be informed when the second list is out with this number; 07062745729

  52. folorunsho Oluwaseun Tinuke says:

    I applied for N power l saw my name in first batch folorunsho Oluwaseun akure North l did not receiv any congratulation message l don’t know what to do now please help me out 07066587843

  53. Pls notify me when 2nd is out 07038471763

  54. olabode omodamola says:

    I applied for npower but no acknowledgement what can I do sir

  55. muktar abubakar says:

    Sir second batch release?
    help me out 07066192785

  56. moseri ifeanyi wisdom says:

    masses thanking Buhari for this initiative.
    those that have passed through the test should wait for batch B the system is not corrupt definitely your name will be out because our lives lie on this program. 07038279488

  57. moseri ifeanyi wisdom says:

    sir please could you notify us when the batch B will be out so that the anxiety on some people will reduce.

  58. Isiak Kamaldeen says:

    please notify me whenever the second batch of N-power is out via 07036676666. Thanks and God bless you.

  59. Pls kindly assist me because this is my last hope .I applied for n- tech and I was not shortlisted. My no 08139213743 from akure south local govt

  60. apple npower teach no see my name in frist bach help me to see my name in second bach

  61. When are they going to release npower build it in batch b

  62. Pls wen are they going to release list for npower it in batch b or when

  63. Is it sure DAT npower build name will comes out in second batch.

  64. I was not shortlisted in d first batch ples kindly test me when the second batch is out. Thank u sir. 08032365791. moses Donuwe.

  65. the God of fatherless, let everybody that applied for this program benefit.

  66. plz sir applied npower and i did not receive any message but i wrote the test plz sir help me ,my nmba 07065978432 name abubakar muhammad

  67. Notify me when d second batch is out. my number is 08066631014 and my email. is

  68. calvary greeting to you all in Jesus Name Amen, pleas i will be grateful if my name is published on the second list or second batch, I applied for creativity because I need a computer knowledge or skill in me, also to work as a computerlist globally. thanks and God will bless u.

    here is my contact

  69. please I will be grateful if my names are published in the second list, i applied for creativity, 08134349944

  70. Please Npower Team! State clearly when the other phases of Npower programmes will commence! As many of the participants are stranded over the issue. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

  71. Please notify me when the second batch is ready. my phone number is 07034859622

  72. I just did the npower test on the 19th of December,,,, pls,is there any hope for me in the second batch?(npower teach)



  74. Pls sir remember ma name in d second batch pls, 08066222325.

  75. Pls notify me when the second batch is out. 08188591113

  76. Pls notify me when the N-POWER second batch is out. 08188591113

  77. pls am begging may God touch u people to include my name in d 2nd list ATIMBIR Terkura p 07033858306

  78. Akinyotu Abiodun says:

    Hello sir, i couldn’t find my name until thursday after the screening has ended. I can see my name now. What should i do sir. Thanks. 07062824051.

  79. Pls sir. I need your help because of god. My phone Number is 08066157000

  80. inform me when the second batch comes out ,08064524956

  81. Agio John Atendor says:

    happy new sir, with due respart sir ,I wish to be notife when second list of n power build list is out through this number 08074583131 thanks.

  82. Durowoju Emmanuel says:

    please kindkyy notify me when second list is out. God bless you…here is my no 08130930199

  83. Abubakar Rabi'u says:

    pls inform me when ever 2nd batch is released.

  84. how can i check for batch B n-power list

  85. i appreciate the programe and i have apply for but i did not get sms in first list but am puting more hope in the second batch.

  86. Please am trying to check and is not going.pls help me here is my phone number 08148757775 .thanks

  87. Please notify me when the second list is out.

  88. Anwan Gabriel says:

    My number is 08035016542 and my email address is Please Update me wen the second batch of N power coming. Thanks.

  89. Emmanuel Peretun says:

    Info me when shortlist for second batch out

  90. Abdulazeez Shuaibu Isah says:

    I didn’t saw my Name in first batch

  91. Olalekan Rofiyat Olabisi says:

    I di dnt see my name in first batch

  92. folorunsho Oluwaseun Tinuke says:

    My name is folorunsho Oluwaseun Tinuke l applied for N power nteach l did npower test my name s not out l dnt know what to do now please help me out ooo God will help you my phone number 07066587843 and my Email

  93. folorunsho Oluwaseun Tinuke says:

    Local government:owo, ondo state please help me out folorunsho Oluwaseun Tinuke 07066587843 God will help us for second list

  94. Pls alert me when the second list will be out. My phone no is 08137144666

  95. Stephen Daniella says:

    please notify me when the npower second batch is out. 08137101054

  96. 08069125184. Let me know when second batch list comes out. Thanks

  97. shaarani abdullahi says:

    l want see 2nd batch out or no

  98. pls Sir notify me if the 2bacht is out

  99. Pls sir notify me when the second batch npower list is out 08097852349

  100. i am yusuf haruna from borno state,kaga l.g.a and i applied but i did not see my name

  101. surajo abubakar says:

    pls informed me of second batch list when its out

  102. Please inform me once the second batch list is out

  103. Olumuyiwa moses segun says:

    Pls, my name is Olumuyiwa moses segun. Registered and did the result but did not see my name in the first list hopping for second batch. Thank you.

  104. Good morning to all management of N-Power programme.I have tried my possible best to see my name for the first batch but the name was not come out and i am stil waiting for the second batch lists to start my work with the federal gov’t.Thanks’ u all

  105. Muhammad Abduljalil Idris says:

    I really appreciate the effort made by this government so for to tackle unemployment

  106. Ankwo Ezekiel says:

    pls keep me in touch 08068729940

  107. sir when the second batch will be out

  108. sir, they have paid some while some remain unpaid like me.

  109. okpokpor christabel omotekovie says:

    sir pls help me,OKPOKPOR CHRISTABEL O.I want my name to come out In the second batch, I did not see my name in first batch,I applied for npower teach, Obio Akpo LGA,Rivers State.pls help.

  110. okpokpor christabel omotekovie says:

    sir please i want my name to come out in batch name is OKPOKPOR CHRISTABEL OMOTEKOVIE.Npower teach.Obio Akpo LGA,Rivers State..,08035577398.Sir please help me


  112. Sir, my question here is that: those that do not recieved any sms or missed their test on time and they were later on did the test. What is their positions?

  113. Enenwali Chinenye says:

    pls notify me when the second list is out. 08032874509

  114. Enenwali Chinenye says:

    pls help me to include my name in the second list because it’s my last hope in d family so that we can feed. Enenwali Chinenye 08032874509

  115. babagana bukar says:

    sir when the releasing date of second phase

  116. i apply for npower nteach i did not see my name up till they only sent acknoledgement for me when is the next batch going to be out please hear ismy 08066555282.thanks

  117. Pls am not able to access the batch b shortlisted list. I need ur help. My no 08138381856

  118. brakala A michael says:

    Sir, I have been verified and posted, but still yet I have not received my Dec. stipend. Pls sir, I need ur help. Here is my phone no. 08127113386, Acc/no. 1949332011, Bank: FCMB. Tanks.

  119. ekoromowere T. christopher says:

    Please sir/ma, help me to check my name on the second batch list. Here is my phone no. 08025245470, email :


    pls, sir/ma. my name is ODEBODE BABATUNDE ISHOLA , I was not shortlisted for Npower first batch and I did my regstration and assessment test perfectly , pls sir /ma. I want to be shortlist second batch of Npower programm, My phone number is 08036800993,Npower teach, oluyole local government Oyo state. jinni a lived

  121. Joseph mayowa says:

    Let me know wen the second batch is out

  122. Olatoye Sylvia Ashe says:

    I was not shortlisted for the first batch of the npower programme . Though I was successful in my registration. Please keep me posted and I would appreciate if you can consider me for this second batch. My contact is 07035511218

  123. Adedokun seyi says:

    Please notify me if the second batch list is
    out. I did the test later after the first batch list

  124. egwu ibin egwu says:

    please notify me when second batch is out

  125. Atare .O. Racheal says:

    please keep me posted when the second batch list is out

  126. good evening sir,please notify me when the second list is out, here is my number: 08126971493.Thank you and God bless you


    Tried to check the list but not yet out. kindly notify me through my email when released. Thank you and God Bless you.

  128. Hw can I check my name because I tried it but is not opening. please help me.

  129. Abdulsami'u Ya'u says:

    pls inform me when the 2nd batch released out
    my phone no 08063345917

  130. Alkali muktar says:

    When is the list going to be release

  131. folorunsho Oluwaseun Tinuke says:

    Please and Pls notify me when the second list of N_power s out please and Pls God will help you

  132. pls sir,iwant u to notify me when d batch B is out .08180480173.Thanks

  133. isaiah emuerhime Ezekiel 07061985069 says:

    I miss the attitude test bcos I did receive any message but portal u give for those that miss attitude test to access is not working http://www.portal. pls help me on how to login 07061985069

  134. sanu muhammad says:

    Please notify me if second batch is ready.Here is my number 07035905902

  135. blessing idakpo says:

    Please do send to my mail box when the second batch shortlisted candidates list is out. Thanks.

  136. Mohammed hussaini mohammed says:

    We are waiting 4 2batch since 2016 up now,why you didn’t lease batch b.that is why always we visit web side.

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