NYSC Batch B 2016 Call-Up Letter Printing – Print Your Call-up Letter Now

NYSC Batch B 2016 Call-Up Letter Printing – How to print NYSC Batch A 2016 Call-Up Letter

This is to inform All Prospective Corps Members that NYSC Batch B 2016 Call-Up Letter is now available online. Your can Print NYSC Batch B 2016 Call-Up Letter by loging in to your NYSC portal which your created during NYSC online registration for Mobilization.

Note: The NYSC 2016 Batch  B Orientation Course starts from 24th of November to 13th December.

Requirements for NYSC Batch B 2016 Call-Up Letter Printing

To be able to print your NYSC Batch B 2016 Call-Up Letter you need to have your login details containing

  • Your Email Address you used during registration
  • Password you used during registration

How to print NYSC Batch B 2016 Call-Up Letter

  • Simply >>>Click Here<<< OR Visit NYSC Call-up Letter portal at http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/
  • Scroll down to red button that says “Click Here To Login”
  • Enter your Email Address and Password
  • Click Resume to view your NYSC Call-up Letter.

If you NEED assistance or you have any issue printing your NYSC call-up Letters, Kindly use the comment box below to state your issue. We also entertains questions about NYSC, so you are free to ask your questions using the comment box and you are expected to come back to this post to view your answers. We treat questions personally so form the habit of checking back to view answer to your question.




109 thoughts on “NYSC Batch B 2016 Call-Up Letter Printing – Print Your Call-up Letter Now

  1. I can’t seem to even log in into my account
    They are saying “registration closed”
    And I mobilised last year and I just revalidated this year.
    So I’m wondering what happened.
    It’s really distressing and I don’t know why this is happening to me
    Please help me

  2. I didn’t see the print call-up letter link and I equally didn’t receive any text from NYSC saying I fell on stream II. Wat could possibly be happening??

  3. Oyinkansola opeyemi says:

    When is batch A stream II call up letter is going to be out?

  4. Help please, there is no “Print Call up Letter” on my dashboard to print call up letter yesterday. Please what is the solution or what exactly happening? Please help me.

  5. Pls Sir, I received a message from the nysc stating that since my name was not among the stream l batch a 2016, they will notify me on the date to print my call-up letter. I hope there is no problem.

  6. Sumaka Telugu timothy says:

    Sir, nysc have not sent me any message and up till nw, my call up letter is nt out

    • Hello Sumaka,

      Try login to your NYSC portal to check if you can see your call-up letter, though if you did not see it in your portal, it could probably mean, you are among the stream 2 batch. But can you still check if you never made any mistake in your details during registration because a lot of people with such issue are usually those that made mistake in their phone number and email.

      Thank you for contacting us,

  7. vincent chidinma says:

    Is it true that all stream 2 prospective corp member that are married will be given exemption letter?

  8. Benson Onaji Ogwuche says:

    Sir, NYSC sent me meaasge that, because am not in stream 1, I will be notified when to print my call-up letter. And they message NYSC send to some of my friends is that, Because they are not in stream 1, they will print their call-up letter from 13th to 21st may 2016. My question is, what is the different between this two messages? Since mine have no specified date to print my Call-up letter

  9. please i will like to know is it true that all the stream 2 prospective corp member’s are not going to see their call up letters,because i log to the nysc portal to print my call up letter,but i could not see any option to print the call up letter,kindly help me out,i need to know what is actually happening.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  10. Sir, I did revalidation with the 2016 batch A, when I tried to print my callup letter, it showed ” registration closed, cannot edit*. But I did the revalidation completely and printed my green card. I have also not recieved any text message. Pls what am I to do? Do I have to go to my institution to get it? Pls reply me, I am worried Sick

  11. awoyemi tawa says:

    Is it true dat those that got d message dat they will be notify when to print their letter but their is no date on it they are still stream 1

  12. Pls when exactly is the call up letter out for stream II ?

  13. Olusanya Yinka says:

    Please, when is the last date for admission at the orientation camp for batch A {stream 1}

  14. Olusanya Yinka says:

    Sir, can someone scheduled for stream 1 join the stream 2 set, Thanks

  15. Adetayo opeyemi says:

    pls it true that there is no stream2 for Bacth A 2016?

  16. Folorunsho Canaan says:

    Hi, I have two questions that have being bothering me. firstly, d second letter of my first name was replaced wth anoda alphabet, intially I complained to my Institution, dey promised to do somtins bt couldnt, Instead I was told to go ahead wth my registration. I hope it wont affect my screening.
    secondly, I’m a married woman and also pregnant, I read it on the portal dat der is no accommodatn for nursing nd pregnant women, is it dat I will b comin 4rm home to the camp or I will b dismissed imediately afta registration? THANKS

    • Hello Canaan

      Thank you for contacting us, firstly any wrong or miss-spelling in your name can be corrected in the Camp.
      Secondly, all nursing mothers/pregnant women will not be dismissed but will be allowed to complete their registration in camp, after which they will be allowed to go home because their condition cannot cope with camp life of corps members.


  17. pls wen is stream2 batch A going to camp?

  18. BORODE IDOWU.G says:

    Good Day Sir,i Am A Part Time Student,registered With Batch A 2016 Set.Sir,When Is Our Exclusion Certificate Will Be Ready,Thank You.

  19. ibrahim magaji says:

    hi pls my SMS sent by NYSC was different from others in stream 2. my SMS was saying, “Dear Ibrahim, you are expected to print your call-up letter from 13th may-21st nay 2016. why the SMS differ. thank you

  20. michael Mackintosh says:

    plz is it true DAT there are plans on shifting stream 2 from the original date 21st of may to June for batch B?…

  21. Emmanuel jibo says:

    Helo sir! Is it true that stream 2 of the present batch A will me merge with batch B???

    • Hello Emmanuel,

      For now 2016 Batch A Orientation Course (Stream II) remains 21st May – 6th June, 2016 as shown by the timetable, any changes to this will be published in the NYSC official website. Thank you for contacting us.


  22. haruna adamu mshelia says:

    i have not been. notified to print my call up letter why?

  23. Pls help, I have just completed my online registration yesterday for 2016 batch B , but unlike my other colleges I didn’t receive a text message from NYSC stating that my call up number will be posted to my phone number, now my fear is how will I get my call up number?, will it be sent to my email? I ve checked my email and all I see is my payment receipt, pls help am confused.

  24. Okoli Christabell Chidinma says:

    I paid for my call up letter in fidelity bank on Monday 17-10-2016. I went to print my green card and they are telling me my payment has not been confirmed. what do i do?

  25. uzowuru chisom says:

    Good day sir,my question is dz,during registration i put in both my surname,first name nd middle name.Now when printing my callup letter,i can only see just my surname and middle name.what can i do,thinking it would affect me in camp.

  26. Please, i keep seeing you have not been evaluated yet. what do you think is wrong and what should i do?

  27. please Sir i don’t receive MSM in my phone even the i don’t know when it will be sent for the batch B, please what should i do in this aspect. thank you

  28. PLS my question is,i put single instead of married and, am having six months baby with me i dont know if they will redeploy me to my husband state


  30. I have been trying to login to nysc login portal. but they keep telling me the page is not available. Pls is the call up letter out? and hoe do I print it pls.

  31. good day, I’ve paid for NYSC call up letter but it hasn’t reflected but the bank said they have done their part and I’ve not been able to print my green card. what do I do?

  32. pls sir,
    I’ve paid for call up letter but it hasn’t reflected and at such I’ve not been able to print my green card. what do I do?

  33. How much is the NYSC online registration?

  34. Thanks sir for the reply, but sir I want to ask would I still be posted cost the registration day is closing soon

  35. When will 2016 call up letter be out for batch b is it on 24th of november ? and will dere be two streams?

  36. adedokun oluwatosin says:

    have not seen my call up number and have uploaded my waec cert as I was told to do

  37. Adedokun oluwatosin says:

    Have uploaded all my documents and have not seen my call up number..pls hope there is no problem

  38. uzoigwe amaka trust says:

    pls i was able to print my green card but i’ve not received my call up letter pls what i’m supposed to do? pls kindly reply

  39. uzoigwe amaka trust says:

    sorry, i mean what am i supposed to do*? thanks

  40. Hi, pls I wan to know if you are mobilizing everyone. It so confusing and it wasting people’s time. Pls let know if there is stream 2…or not. Thanks

  41. Please can I still print green card. I just registered today

  42. please can I print green card. I just registered today

  43. akpoavonah festina says:

    I do not want to go with this set,but I have registered, pls is it possible to propone

  44. please i login into my account and saw information about my passport been rejected and i don’t see the link for call up letter, please help me

  45. Pls, I have registerd and paid for call-up letter and I have also printed my green card, but I don’t know my login password to the portal. Will my call up letter be sent to my email or must I login to print it.

  46. When should I expect the call up letter to be sent to my email. and again I have been trying to open the nysc portal. they keep telling me it’s not available. why?

  47. Please I have not see my call up letter on my dashboard. What should I do

  48. i cant see print callup letter an only seeing print slip when i log in

  49. Hi sir, l changed my password due to some problem will it affect my call up letter during printing.

  50. Gud a.m sir, I didn’t see anything like call up letter on my dashboard and I don’t know what dat means sir

  51. Anangba Vincent says:

    i logged in earlier and I saw “print call up letter” but when I clicked to preview call letter, the i-frame which was suppose to display call up letter pdf file was now displaying the nysc portal home page. What could this mean?

  52. I didnt receive a text from the NYSC and no email also.Does it mean i am on stream 2?

  53. gud day, i am yet to receive my callup letter, while most of my classmates have. should i be worried? cos camp is dis week
    pls reply

  54. The link you provided is not opening. After a while, it says “Gateway timeout.”

  55. i wanted to ask if the green card is compulsory. i didnt make the payment. i want to know if its compulsory for camp. thank you

  56. Please, to those of us in batch B and we haven’t seen a link to print our call up letters. Does that mean that we are automatically in streamII or can it still be uploaded later tomorrow??? Thanks in anticipation.

  57. Please the call up letter for batch b is out today but I can’t seem to understand what is written on my dash board. It says I would be notified when my call up letter is ready that my name is not on stream 1.

  58. Ezimoha Nnenna says:

    Pls I went to print my call up letter today but I was told that I will be notified when to print it because am not in stream 1, when will I be notified?

  59. Rufus, Idongesit m. says:

    Pls I don’t understand whether to recheck my call up letter or to Wait for stream 2, bc they said my name is not in stream 1 that I will be notify when it is ready

  60. Ikwue Ejiro Mercy says:

    Good day Sir, i was mobilized for Batch A stream 1 but was unable to go due to health issue and i did revalidation but when i checked my portal i couldn’t print out my call up letter cause its not showing on my dash board. what should i do about it? Thanks.

  61. ogunleye opeyemi M says:

    Please I don’t understand this issue of call up letter again, cause I couldn’t see my name there and No Any message from NYSC. Probably if it is stream 2.

  62. Osuoha promise says:

    i did not find my name in stream 1, i want know where my name fall whether sream1or stream2

  63. My middle name was spelt wrong on my call up letter pls how do I correct that and will it pose any problem during my registration

  64. please i cant log into my accout.the say the name has been changed.an i cant even tell if im in stream 1 or 2.i really need help.how can i possibily knw. because my friends said the recieved a message sayin d r not in stream one.i havnt seen any.please help

  65. please ave nt bn able to check mayb am in stream 1 it’s just saying unavailable pls help

  66. Dis guy self, He doesn’t reply to serious questions except the minor ones. It’s so frustrating.

    • plsss,what is the question,dont offend sir,we try our best to provide answers to your questions

      • my dashboard says ‘you will be notified when to print your call up letter because you are not in stream 1’ does it automatically mean i am among stream 2 or i still have to go through some process. cos i have my green card already

  67. Adelakun Taofeek Oyetunde says:

    I want giving call up no but j wasn’t giving call up letter please help me out

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