Structured Settlement Investments and Secondary Market Annuities

Structured Settlement Investments – Altium Group offers investors the ability to purchase structured settlement investments (SSI) also called Secondary Market Annuities (SMA).

A Secondary Market Annuity  is a payment stream that is purchased by an investor from a pre-existing annuity.

The origin of a Secondary Market Annuity  is an annuity from a major insurance carrier that is awarded to a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit.

Structured Settlement Investments

Secondary Market Annuities are high-yield, low-risk financial products that are paid by top-rated insurance carriers.

Get Higher Returns with Structured Settlement Investments and Secondary Market AnnuitiesBy nature of the secondary market purchase process, Secondary Market Annuities come at substantially higher returns than similar annuity products purchased from the same insurance carrier.

Structured Settlement Investments

Each Structured settlement Investment or Secondary Market Annuity   is unique and comes in various amounts and durations.

Our clients use our products for retirement planning, CD alternatives, legacy and estate planning, college planning, and countless other applications.

The safety and yield of Secondary Market Annuities (SMA) have proven to be an attractive asset class to many publicly-traded companies over the past two decades.

As a premier Settlement Provider, Altium Group brings this high-yield and low-risk asset class to individual investors.

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Get Structured Settlement Investments and Secondary Market Annuities
Altium Structured Settlement Investments and Secondary Market Annuity
Product Description     Court Ordered, Re-Assigned Secondary Market Structured Settlement Cash Payments
Payment Terms     One Year to Thirty Years
Range of Yield     Up to 9% Annually
Investment Amount     Minimum $25,000 ; Maximum $ 10,000,000

Structured Settlement Investments

Why Use Altium Group to Purchase Secondary Market Annuity  ?

Altium Group has unique access to Structured Settlement Investment transaction opportunities that it packages and makes available for sale to the general public.

Altium Group, at its own expense, retains the most knowledgeable attorneys in the industry to ensure the comprehensive legal transference of payment rights to the purchaser of a Structured Settlement Investment or Secondary Market Annuity.

Structured Settlement Investments

This involves the review of all collateral files, verification of judge assignments, court orders and independent titling, attorney review of all documents, and the issuance of a final legal opinion.

All of the court costs, transfer fees, lien search fees, and legal costs are paid by Altium Group.

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Is a Structured Settlement Investment or Secondary Market

Structured Settlement Investments

Annuity Suitable for You?

The purchase of a Structured Settlement Investment or Secondary Market Annuity   should be done only by a sophisticated investor who has the knowledge and complete understanding of the SSI and SMA product, and the investment risks associated with such an asset class.

An SSI and SMA  investor should always seek independent financial professional advice prior to entering into an agreement to make such a purchase or investment, and should conduct his/her own independent due diligence before making any investment decision.

Altium Group LLC does not provide any legal, accounting, tax, financial, or other advice or guidance, or recommendation of any kind to the purchaser of a Structured Settlement Investor.

Structured Settlement Investments

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