Top 10 Highest Currencies in World – Highest Currencies in World Countries

Highest Currencies in World – currencies having higher values comparatively than U.S. dollar . there are about 196 sovereign states in the world and all of these having their own economy. Obviously, to run the economy of the country all of they possess currencies. Here we are listing the world’s top ten currencies that are the strongest one according to their values comparatively to U.S. Dollar.

1. Kuwaiti Dinar – Highest Currencies in World

Kuwaiti Dinar is the strongest currency in the world in recent times. It is an official currency of the State of Kuwait which is denoted as KWD. Kuwait is considered as one of the richest countries around the globe. One Kuwaiti Dinar has the value of 3.33 U.S Dollar. Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in Arabian Peninsula. Although, it has world’s fifth largest oil reservoir.

2. Bahraini Dinar – Highest Currencies in World

Bahraini Dinar is the official currency of the Kingdom of Bahrain, mark as BHD. one Bahraini Dinar is equal to 2.56 U.S. Dollar. Bahrain’s currency placed at second spot in the list. One thing must know about Bahrain is that Bahrain was the first country in Arab who had discovered its Oil Reservoir.


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3. Omani Rial – Highest Currencies in World

Omani Rial is the official currency of Sultanate of Oman and it is denoted as OMR. The currency is placed at third in the list as one OMR is equal to 2.60 U.S. Dollar. The country is enjoying absolute monarchy. State economy’s is likewise set to receive new ways and present day techniques. Oman also sells oil and gas as many other Arabian countries do. Oman also earns its revenue by exporting Dates, Bananas, Coconuts, Wheat, Lime, Fishes and other products.

4. Latvian Lat – Highest Currencies in World

Before 2014, Latvian Lat has been official currency of the Latvia. Latvian Lat is denoted as LVL which is equal to 1.61 U.S Dollar. After January 2014, Latvian Lat has been replaced by Euro, they currency of European Union (countries of Europe).

5. Falkland Island Pound – Highest Currencies in World

Falkland Island is the overseas territory of Britain. The Island possesses its own currency, Falkland Island Pound which is totally differing to British Pound Sterling. Its value against U.S. Dollar is 1 to 1.52.

6. Jordanian Dinar – Highest Currencies in World

Another Arab country’s currency dominates in the list of top ten. Jordanian Dinar according to its worth in exchange of U.S Dollar is placed at the sixth position in the list of top ten currencies. Jordanian Dinar is denoted as JOD is the official currency of Jordan. One Jordanian Dinar is equal to 1.41 U.S Dollar.

7. British Pound Sterling – Highest Currencies in World

“Pound” is the common known name of British Pound Sterling. It is denoted as GBP (Great Britain Pound). 1.40 U.S. Dollars are the worth of 1 GBP today. A stimulating fact is that Pound is the currency self-governing British Crown Dependencies like Jersey, The Isle Of Man, the South Sandwich Islands, Guernsey, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha and the British Antarctic Territory.

8. Gibraltar Pound -The Currency of the Gibraltar was first introduced in the year 1934. It is a GBP pegged currency. In the exchange of 1 Gibraltar pound you will get 13.39 USD. 50 pound note is the highest denomination currency note of the territory which is equal to 69.31 USD.

9. Saint Helena Pound –  

UK’s economy brightens its overseas territories and Sterling Pound walking on the footmarks of its countries economy. St. Helena which is one of the overseas territory of United Kingdom, have worth of 1.39 USD in exchange. It is placed at penultimate position in the list of top ten currencies in the world.

10. Cayman Islands Dollar

One of the Dollars outside of the United States, Cayman Islands Dollar has better currency value. Cayman Islands officially an overseas territory of United Kingdom which is located in the Caribbean Sea south to Cuba. Cayman Islands Dollar is denoted as KYD. Interesting to know is one KYD is equal to 1.21 U.S. Dollar.

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