UNILORIN SECOND BATCH ADMISSION LIST 2017/2018 IS OUT – www.unilorin.edu.ng

 UNILORIN SECOND BATCH ADMISSION LIST 2016/2017 IS OUT – For the interest of all prospective candidates of UNILORIN , Who wish to know if UNILORIN SECOND BATCH ADMISSION LIST 2016/2017 IS OUT , it is to your concern that we bring this notice to inform you about UNILORIN SECOND BATCH ADMISSION LIST 2016/2017.


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To check your admission status,

– Simply >>>Click Here<<< OR Visit https://uilugportal.unilorin.edu.ng/login.php
-Enter your Username and password in the spaces provided
-Click on Logon and proceed to check your admission status,Once uploaded.


Always check back to get the latest updates about UNILORIN .


If you need us to help you with information at the right time about UNILORIN SECOND BATCH ADMISSION LIST , kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask us questions any time.

N/B..Follow the Above mentioned steps to check your Admission status once is uploaded on the school portal,we advice you keep checking the links from time to time. thanks

350 thoughts on “UNILORIN SECOND BATCH ADMISSION LIST 2017/2018 IS OUT – www.unilorin.edu.ng

  1. When wil Unilorin upload their second Batch

  2. just wnt u to pls inform us if d 2nd batch is out

  3. wen is unilorin 2nd batch admission list

  4. Pls tell me more about unilorin admission list second batch

  5. pls wen would unilorin 2nd batch we be out plssssssssss….

  6. please when should we be expecting unilorin second batch

  7. Oreoluwa olusola says:

    Pls inform us if the second list is ouut

  8. wen is d 2nd batch coming out

  9. Wen is the 2nd batch admission list coming out for 2016/2017

  10. I want to when unilorin second list will b out

  11. when is d second batch will be out

  12. abdul jeleel says:

    Please inform us when unilorin second batch is out

  13. abdul jeleel says:

    Please when should will be expecting unilorin second batch

  14. I nid updates about unilorin 2nd list if it’d out, u came follow me on whatsapp 08103242041

  15. Pls z dere any assurance DAT many of d unilorin aspirants will get admission dis 2016.

  16. pls wen will unilorin upload second batch admission list . pls notify me

  17. OLUSEGUN TOSIN says:


  18. is that Friday sure that they will release their second batch

  19. Ariyo Oluwasola says:

    When is unilorin second batch coming out

  20. Ariyo Oluwasola says:

    Is it tru dat unilorin second batch will be out dis week Friday??

  21. When s unilorin 2nd batch admission list will be out

  22. pls notify wen d second batch list is out

  23. Please when will their second batch be out

  24. Bamidele Ibukun says:

    Pls is direct entry admission for unilorin out?


    When will unilorin 2nd batch be out

  26. Holayeancarh says:


  27. 07015587196

  28. 08133690759

  29. 07030933886

  30. Hmmmm this Is Friday let’s hope

  31. Samuel Ojuade says:

    Just need to know when the second batch is out.
    email: [email protected]
    Phone: +2348166892040

  32. salami eritosin says:

    notify me please

  33. Please when is the addmission list coming out

  34. 09032397573

  35. PLC wen will 2nd batch list will be out

  36. But d list wasn’t released yesterday. When should we look forward to again?

  37. 08145880753

  38. 08145880753 please notify me i beg of you

  39. Pls,when will d 2nd list be released?

  40. 08098568312

  41. pls sir,notify whn unilorin 2nd batch adms list will be out.

  42. u guys should chill for God..u will surely knw if it is out…calm down..

  43. please inform us if d second batch is out

  44. pls notify me wen it cums out 09057424398

  45. wen will unilorin 2nd admission list will b out pls update us abt d second batch my phone
    number 08125262534

  46. pls Mr.Olusegun dis z ma number 08163442282 pls notify me wen z out already I mean d second batch, ND also ma email – [email protected].. Tnx to u

  47. hmmmmmmm on Christ the solid rock I put my trust oo on this year Unilorin admission

  48. Pls notify me wen d second list is out

  49. Pls notify me wen d second admisson list is out

  50. Notify me wen d second admisson list is out

  51. pls wen is unilorin second batch will kums out……..pls notify me truu [email protected]

  52. pls wen will unilorin release 2nd batch list, pls notify me through. [email protected] pls and please

  53. pls my number. 08166218713. am expecting

  54. when will unilorin 2nd batch 2016/17 will be out

  55. pls always keep me updated on any info concerning unilorin

  56. 08109754898

  57. When will unilorin release their 2nd batch

  58. please let us know the actual fact about when the unilorin second batch admission list will be released to Quench unnecessary tension in God we trust o my number is 09033395402 please tell us o

  59. pls notify me Wen d second batch admission list is out plssssssss

  60. my number is 09097275618

  61. Pls has any pub admin candidate been offered admission yet??

  62. Please, update me whenever d second batch is out. thanks

  63. Pls notify when d second batch is out. 08029310916

  64. plsss notify me if d second batch is out 09093795211

  65. Pls when unilorin’s 2nd batch os out pls notify me.dis is my contact:08140717402

  66. pls Mr Segun wen will the 2nd batch be out bcos the are resuming on monday next week

  67. Or is there no more list again

  68. notify me pls wen the 2nd batch list is out 08102847202

  69. pls notify me also whenever the 2nd batch come out .whatsapp me on 08143645065

  70. pls update me on 2nd list
    .whatsapp 08177011584

  71. please let know when the second batch is out expecialy for DE candidate.

  72. pls wen d emission lost is out,let me kw.plssssss. 09084415015

  73. Olugbemi_Daniel says:

    notify me wen d second batch admission is out
    08186241784, [email protected]

  74. shadist muhammed says:

    Plz let me knw wen d 2nd batch is out

  75. pls notify me when d 2nd batch is out because whe dont know who is telling d truth nw some said it dis week they will release it and dy said it remain only d management approval

  76. Has any list been released for DE Candidates at all i need answer pls

  77. abey oluwatosin ifeoluwa says:

    when should I be expecting uilorin second batch admission list

  78. When

  79. when should we be expecting the list pls?

  80. Plz Wen Will 2nd List B Out

  81. Ariyo Halimah Olaitan says:

    When z second batch will be out

  82. Sadiku akorede says:

    Pls notify me when second batch is out

  83. pls wen is d 2nd batch list will be out

  84. adeyeye abiodun says:

    Is it true. That unilorin second batch is out

  85. akindele oluwayemisi says:

    wen is 2nd batch list of unilorin be out

  86. akindele oluwayemisi says:

    pls inform us wen is out dis is my number 08108880729

  87. pls alert me when the second batch list is out.. 08132937914

  88. pls notify me wen the second batch is out and how will I check it . my number is 08137337937

  89. help us pls

  90. adeyeye abiodun says:

    Pls I score 227 in my jamb for biochemistry should I be hoping God for admission in the 2nd list

  91. 08063061258 abeg let us no hw e da b

  92. Sodik akinwale says:

    My num is 09057687253

  93. I beg am gettin frustrated by d day wen ar dey goin 2 release d second list so we can atleast know our fate.

  94. christian bassey says:

    pls wen unilorin 2 list is out let me knw…08027434869

    • it will be on the school website soon. we will keep you informed ,just

      keep visiting our website to get recent updates

  95. morufu jumoke roheemot says:

    is second batch out

    • it will be on the school website soon. we will keep you informed ,just

      keep visiting our website to get recent updates

  96. Abeg when unilorin second batch is out please informe us ooo

  97. Pls wen will unilorin second list be out pls inform me dis is my number 08123146928

  98. plz notify me wen d second batch z out…people are tired of everyday suspense….whatsapp me on 08037119910

  99. we got to chill noni…..

  100. pls notify me when is out 07067194184

    • it will be on the school website soon. we will keep you informed ,just keep visiting our website to get recent updates

  101. adeyeye abiodun says:

    Pls when is ilorin releasing there 2,d batch

  102. shaibu omowunmi says:

    pls when will the admission list be out is it November or December

    • it will be on the school website soon. we will keep you informed ,just keep visiting our website to get recent updates

  103. Wen will unilorin realise their 2nd batch, wen it cumz out dis is my number 08174137287

  104. Akintola Samuel says:


  105. Oga Na prayer oo…..candidates plenty…even me sef tire for d stuff sef….it’s taking much time…. fresher’s have started there registrations…

  106. another list should be out anytime…let’s chill a little bit.. I pray everything goes well for us

  107. 08083816055

  108. is it true dat d second batch is out today pls i need an answer pls

  109. 08134316384

  110. 07010286657

  111. alabi adedamola says:

    When will the remaining list be out self

  112. Adeleke Busola Timilehin says:

    please is unilorin second batch out. 07038372804

  113. as enyone knw weda unilorin second batch is out

  114. omolabi sherkira says:

    when unilorin second batch will be out pls inform with this telephone number 08106234103

    • it will be on the school website soon. we will keep you informed ,just keep visiting our website to get recent updates

  115. Pls inform us when is out..

  116. plss when will d list be out

  117. when will d admission list out

  118. plz,when will d admission list will be out?

  119. I thought they said the list is gonna be out this week, so what happened?

  120. Yusuf Suliyat Abiodun says:

    pls,inform me wen Unilorin second bash is out…. here is my number 08160767077 or 08078694520

  121. Babatunde dorcas says:

    when will i receive an sms for second batch dis is my no 09031137571

  122. pls inform me when Unilorin second list is out 07066373102
    [email protected]

  123. Pls wen will second be out,I beg inform me pls

  124. Pls massage me itz out [email protected]

  125. Pls massage me wen itz out [email protected]

  126. Oladipo ayodele says:

    please I will like to know whenever unilorin second list is out.

  127. let me know when the lists is out

  128. pls is it true that the uniilorin 2nd batch is out?? I need an answer now pls

  129. message me on this whatsapp nom for unilorin group chat 08137930699..08129843274

  130. Adekale Temitope says:

    when will unilorin second batch list be out please

  131. Please keep us informed when the 2nd list is out. WhatsApp no 07037518265

  132. pls upload if uniloin second batch is out pls

  133. When wil the school release their second list

  134. pls inform me I beg u
    my number s 08109067462

  135. oluwatofarati says:

    Pls notify me wen d second list is out,my no 08165100517

  136. pls inform me when 2nd batch list is out 08109735497

  137. please if unilorin 2nd batch is out please let me knw 07068008318 thanks

  138. unilorin 2nd batch

  139. pls notify me wen it’s out [email protected]

  140. pls is 2nd list out

  141. shadist muhammed says:

    Plz let me knw wen d second batch is out..thankz

  142. please keep me updated, 09075936321
    . Thanks

  143. pls text me when the second batch list is released 08025591170

  144. pls inform me wen d second batch list is out 08182901606

  145. Please keep me updated wen they release the second batch on this number 08163519975

  146. You guys are still here when all the fresher have resumed,this jamborg won’t tell you the truth they all says keep visiting our web site,don’t wait for any second batch they’ve resumed and that’s the end.

  147. shadiat muhammed says:

    Diz second batch is taking heaven and earth to come to out…wen wil it be out lyk seriously am tired of waiting I swear down

  148. shadiat muhammed says:

    Diz is my number plz let me knw,09096171281

  149. so pls nickysmart, dat means ders no second list.

  150. Unilorin 2nd batch is out
    Pls I seem confused, how do u check for ur name

  151. ogundokun oluwatimileyin says:

    pls when will unilorin second batch list be out

  152. ogundokun oluwatimileyin says:

    pls this my number if is out 08097889265

  153. there is second batch ooo..why wnt there be a second list…they said the first list is merit which means there is anoda list..also the reason I think d list is late is dey r clearing dem…they r not tru with the clearance stuff….so it’s just to wait hope and pray.

  154. Glory oluwatunwase says:

    pls z d second list out?


  156. Pls when will d second list be out out ooooooo whatsapp 08107658369

  157. pls inform me when unilorin second list come out 08182901606

  158. Salami ayokunle says:

    It about the 2nd batch, pls send me details about when the result is out… And this also my number 08051577025

  159. pls i need updates abt the second
    batch admission ..pls dats my whatsapp num 08094290319 if there’s any info pls contact me

  160. shadist muhammed says:

    Wat is rili going on I dnt seem to understand for hw lng ar we going to wait for second batch talkless of third or supplemtary list

  161. shadist muhammed says:

    Diz tinz is rili getting out of handz wen d fresher av start aving lecture

  162. is it out for real.
    unilorites shld add me on whatsapp to join us on our group chat.. 08061693372

  163. Pls notify me wen d 2nd list is out

  164. pls need info when d 2nd batch is coming out…………..dis is my no:08134062747

  165. Why is unilorin taking like 4eva to release d 2nd list? Are dey aware dat 2016/2017 admission ends wit dis month,according to FG? #ihatesuspence

  166. shadist muhammed says:

    No newz till to day my GOD am getting tired of diz already…

  167. 09090023255

  168. Jamb how far? Wats d latest news about unilorin’s 2nd batch list

  169. When is unilorin second coming nw?since allthis days

  170. Der site is nt opening @ jamb

  171. unilorin second batch list

  172. wen will unilorin 2nd batch b out, pls wen it is out pls give me d notice through my watsapp num which is 08113001811

  173. Admin pls are u sure of the second list pls reply.cuz i don’t wanna lack behind in lecture pls reply

  174. Please Inform me when the 2nd list is out.. [email protected], 09035003387

  175. Unilorin abeg u wan turn person to dullard niiii

  176. Second batch pls be out lecture is going on and am damn losing hope

  177. Olaoye Emmanuel Kayode says:

    when will unilorin second batch out?

  178. Olaoye Emmanuel Kayode says:

    we are in a curious state to see d unilorin second batch

  179. Abdulrofiu sofiat olapeju says:

    please when will d second list b released please dnt let us lack behind

  180. Abdulrofiu sofiat olapeju says:


  181. looking forward unto admission things

  182. plz wen is Unilorin second batch coming out plz, any time it come out plz notify me by 08122004578.

  183. Please inform me when it’s out

  184. idowu adebimpe says:

    Is unilorin second batch out

  185. When is the second list coming out , bcos im tired of sitting at home thats y i strive hard to get their cut off marks

  186. 09090023255 thats my whatsapp no if u got any news

  187. Pls inform me wen the second batch is released, here is my number 08020892276

  188. when is second list going to come out dis is my no 09031137571

  189. Please when is the 2nd batch going to be out?

  190. oniyide olajumoke says:

    07013638772…please that’s my whatsapp number…

  191. Please when is the second list out.

  192. Pls is the second batch out…coz 1 of ma friends just saw his

  193. Olatuja kenny says:

    I heard the second batch is out, how true is that?

  194. pls while is der site nt going tru

  195. 08115181236. Guys pls dats my nmba in case there is any update. cos am so tired of sitting at home .

  196. 08115181236. Guys pls dats my nmba in case there is any update. cos am so tired of sitting at home .

  197. please who has been offered admission in this 2nd batch?…if anyone can help me check my number is 66092619DH,surname agbanusi.on the portal at the school anywhere please

  198. Jamb how far
    Just heard a gist from a friend in d skul
    Is d list out

  199. I didn’t get a message from the school and my portal still says “you’ve not yet been recommended for admission” can you please tell me what could be wrong and is it still possible to see admission few days after the list has been officially released?

  200. My phone number is

  201. 07058588724.

    I am confused.

  202. Wats happening now, is the list out or wat

  203. Fasasi Latifat Abisola says:

    Want to check name on
    second batch list

  204. this is my whatsapp no 08034750125 update me abt uniilorin addimision news

  205. hv been trying to login buh it not going true

  206. guys pls wat d user Id nd password
    pls i nd a reply Asap

    • You need to create one if you don’t have. Just click on creeat new account and enter ur correct info. Note, ur password for Jamb is not your personal email password you are expected to create a new one for the purpose of JAMB accessibility. I’m a passer by trying to help not an official anyway!!! Thank you

  207. D results is out I got d msg from sum at unilorin DAT dey ave pasted it BT is still writing % y oooo

  208. Pls notify me via my email address above of any information. I’m tired of staying at home… Thank you

  209. as anyone gotten admission thru d portal cos wat am seeing in d portal is u av not yet bn recommended for admission pls check back later.is dr still hope by dat

  210. please let me know if unilorin second batch admission out thanks. whatsapp no 07063233149

  211. I haven’t give any text either from my phone or email and I checked their portal its keep on saying you are not yet recommended for admission
    what next

  212. Olomola Olumide Daniel says:

    I haven’t recieved any text msg on my phone, when i checked the school portal its still showing not given yet, check back later

  213. Are dey still uploading d second batch?

  214. Pls are they still uploading second batch?

  215. Pls are dey still uploading second batch?

  216. I heard That the list is out but Have they Uploaded it all, I mean the second list. Or are they still uploading

  217. Pls is anoda list still coming out pls add me 08107658369

  218. dey said dat d 2nd list is not yet posted at d school portal so we nid to wait till weekend. bcos dey said dey text d message to few people dat we should check deir portal regularly

  219. how long will it take to upload the list…..is it possible to get the sms after 4days??

  220. have anyone being gave admission from the second batch list and have they finished uploading the 2nd list

  221. I don’t know why dey didn’t post that d 2nd batch admission list is out in their school portal dat means something is wrong somewhere

  222. 07063360086

  223. 07063360086

  224. pls does the list include that of direct entry?


    will Unilorin release another admission list?

  226. Is it normal not to have no percentage in our screening score

  227. I got msg 4rm d school since last wk dt v bin admitted but wen i checked my status on d school portal it said u v not yet recommended 4 admission check bk later. Pls wot shud i do? Cos I’m confused, nid a quick n asap respnse. D’s my no 08060392352

  228. I scored 261 in jamb ….

    When I checked it said “not yet recomended for admission check back later ”

    Do I have to keep checking?
    Will they still upload?
    Should I go to the school to ask them?
    And my waec result is good ….they’ve not even scored the screening score (or wateva) idk
    I am very confused …..don’t know what will happen if I don’t get admission this year ……. Admin pls HELP

  229. guys I typed in my login ID nd my surname BT its writing invalid parameters.

  230. 08143235985

  231. Still haven’t seen my name, I dnt know wat is going on, I chose unilorin as my first choice even d second list is out nd my name isn’t Der…. Admin pls du i still stand a chance?


    Phone number :08103185343
    Email:[email protected]


    I don’t have any password to check my admission status please what do I do?

  234. Just notify me for second list admission

  235. when is second list coming out

  236. Ekwuyasi Gift says:

    Pls wen will second list be out

  237. pls…………. is unilorin second batch list out

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