UNIZIK 2017/2018 Second Batch Admission list is Out – www.my.unizik.edu.ng

UNIZIK 2017/2018 Second Batch Admission list is Out – For the interest of all prospective candidates of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Who wish to know if Unizik  2017 Second Batch Admission list is Out, it is to your concern that we bring this notice to inform you that Unizik  2017 Second Batch  Admission list is out .

Unizik  2017/2018 Second Batch

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How To Check Unizik  2017/2018 Second Batch  Admission list

-Simply >>Click Here<< OR  Visit  http://portal.unizik.edu.ng/utme-screening/2016_2017/index.screening

-Enter your UTME Number in the space provided
-Click on “Check Admission Status” to access your admission status,Once uploaded.

Always check back to get the latest updates about Unizik.


If you need us to help you with information at the right time about Unizik  2016/2017 Second Batch  Admission, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question any time.


124 thoughts on “UNIZIK 2017/2018 Second Batch Admission list is Out – www.my.unizik.edu.ng

  1. Mbanefo Oluchi Abigail says:

    wen is second batch of unizik 2016/2017 be out

  2. Will it be anytime this week?

  3. Please, have they finished uploading the names in the merit list?

  4. please when is second batch coming out

  5. Nkemjika Shedrach says:

    I wrote the March 11th 2016 UTME exam with Mass communication as first choice, I wish to know if I made either the merit or the second batch of the admissions list to enable me prepare. My UTME exam number is : 65271389CE. I have made concerted efforts to log in to see if I was shortlisted but every of my efforts produced everything but result. Kindly assist check the status for me and possibly revert through the email above. . Thank you and God bless.

  6. Please, I need to know more about the second list. will there be a third one?

  7. 09021511329

  8. 66276760cj

  9. here z my phone no 08166671002 plz update me

  10. i need help 08164604155

  11. seriously admission into any university in Nigeria now is solely based on who u know nat wah u know, people whose names shd b in the merit list are now waiting for the second list(which rumor has it that it may not come out), kinda tot unizik was different but they’ve just proven me wrong
    anyways I still hope the list comes out and please u guys shd notify me ASAP if or when it comes out cus many of us out here gat things to offer to the world but some schs doesn’t give us the chance to improve

  12. Pls keep me updated with the latest information that has to do with the release of names of students being admitted through my email address, thanks

  13. here z my phone no 09034650003 plz update me

  14. okechukwu chidinma charity says:

    plz help me check d first list if ma name is der contact me on 09094289061 and dis is ma reg no 65011390EE

  15. chioma precious Nwachukwu says:

    07039156440. ..pls inform me when the 2n
    d list is out

  16. prosper benevolent says:

    my is showing admission in progress check,please keep me update.08144219597

  17. prosper benevolent says:

    i think there is hope for me?

  18. please i need to know what’s next, i’m stranded right now. here is my digits 08132138984 and my reg no. 65375616HB

  19. Chibunkem Enuaghanam says:

    pls is it true that unizik has released their second list?

  20. Chibunkem Enuaghanam says:

    pls is it true dat unizik has released 2nd list?

  21. happiness igwe says:

    on tuesday 15th i saw my name in the incomplete registration so i went to step 3 and do the registration again so i went back nd checked the incomplete registration my name is no longer there.. pls sir is there any hope for me to be addmitted? coz am tired because its still showing addmisson in progress check back later… GOD HELP US

  22. Pls unizik shld du smtin abt dz……nd upload dz list nd stp keepin pple n d dark……I blieve ma admission s aready bin proccessed by God’s grace …..unizik pls ooooooooooo……..

  23. onyenemegam chisom judith says:

    Pls help me check my admission status here is my reg no 65501849GA

  24. pls,I score 196 in jamb and 6crds,1b in waec,am to study elect/elect in Unizik.I check my admission status is admission in progress,is der till hope?

  25. Plz when will unizik second list be out?

  26. Pls I did my registration well and I have my print out but still seen my name in the incomplete registration list,pls what should I do,am confused.



  29. okeke kingsley says:


  30. Please……is unizik second batch list out?

  31. unizik ll never change in their edu-political system.Scored 260 in jamb,got very good grades in waec.Applied for radiography, NO SHOW.

  32. 07068135296:
    please..I couldn’t check my name ..every link I got to check always display screening registration…. please how can I check…?

  33. pls hit me by mail,wen ever d 2nd list is out

  34. plz when is unizik 2nd list coming out we re tried of waiting

  35. Before lectures begin, will second list be out. I was told never to miss first day of lecture. So I was wondering if 2nd list Will be out be then. Will it?

  36. Pls wen will unizik second batch be out I scored 221 applied for industrial chemistry but am still seeing admission in progress check back later. Is der any hope of getting admission .

  37. I heard the second list is out. Please is this true?

  38. is unizik second list out

  39. do you people know the cutoff marks for each courses and hw Unizik calculated there cutoff mark please I need reply

  40. 09081303679

  41. plz I heard the 2nd batch list is out is this true

  42. opara chiamaka esther says:

    pls update me through my email

  43. please,this is my phone Number 09096131010
    and my reg number: 66322768DG
    PLEASE help me check d admission status when d second list is uploaded

  44. Lord Axiliary says:

    Is the unizik 2nd list not yet uploaded on their portal?

  45. pls I scored 206 in jamb with a good grade in my Waec nd i applied for microbiology ..is there still hope 4 me?? and I heard DAT dere will be no 2nd batch only vc list is that tru?

  46. please here is my num .09036601707

  47. Please when the second batch comes out, please inform me ph no. 08102715371. Reg no. 65387785DG

  48. favour Ukpabi says:

    unizik I was hoping dat wen d merit list is out am good to go even wit my score but u guy disappointed me anyways leaving everything I God’s care n hoping dat second list ll b out

  49. Scored 216 in jamb and my waec is good to go but I still see admission in progress check back later.don’t seem to understand unizik oo plz is dere any second batch coming out my no sir 08164623369

  50. Here is my contact 08140397533,update me wen d 2nd list is out


  52. WAT OF THOSE that av admission in progress wl de stl b admitted

  53. wen will 2nd list b out for unizik

  54. contact me for more info on 08020709393
    this is for ur own good the names of the second batch has being compiled nd will soin be reliesed thank you

  55. pls when is d second batch list coming out nd i also heard dat jamb gave all schools 30th of novemeber to give admission is dat true

  56. Ezenwajiugo Somto says:

    unizik is frustrating everyone…why are they wasting time so we can know the next step to take

  57. Njoku Ifeoma Leona says:

    This is my number 08147762826 and my Reg number 65975862EB pls help me check when the second list is uploaded

  58. 08142680558 pls help me when the list is out

  59. Is it true that second list is out? If not when is it going to be out.

  60. Pls I heard the list is out true or false any update pls am still loyal as ur boy 09081303679

  61. Samuel ezeoka says:

    helo please when will 2nd batch be out

  62. please is the second list out

  63. 07036461771

  64. plzoo we need updates about unizik supplementary list

  65. pls I want to no if unizik second list we be coming out dis month plz update us

  66. Please guys help me check I have been given admission please
    Here is my reg number—65207402cc please WhatsApp me 08135659947

  67. Please guys check mine for 65207402cc
    08135659947 my WhatsApp number

  68. pls why is the list not yet uploaded

  69. pls i scored 204 in jamb n am goin 4 nursing ,any chance 4 me 2 be admitted keep seein admission in progress

  70. Frances La Belisima says:

    Pls u piple shld do smrhx abt ese if it wnt b out let sm o us go sm where else fo admission ..ese is de consider pips wnt evn enjoy xmass well

  71. plz if unizik are not releasing the list they should if us rather than leaving us in the dark l am getting tired and frustrated

  72. is second list out text me on whatapp 08147311679

  73. Pls inform me when the second batch is out.Here,my number 07033298388.

  74. pls I heard d list is out ,is it true. dis my number 09032158071

  75. 09036880683 pls update me

  76. pls Unizik upload the list

  77. Please we are begging, upload the list

  78. plz unizik for the love of God upload the list we re tired of waiting

  79. Today is 14th of december yet no news at all abt d second list,what d hell is Unizik upto?
    Or are dey waiting for lectures to be effective
    Before its will be shortlisted,Nahwa o I hvn’t
    Seen dz type before o………..i score 204 in jamb,and my course iz computer science up till today my admission status is admission in progress….do I still hv hope at all?

  80. Amadife christian echezona says:

    here is my score209 i am for ELECT and i am sure of bein admitted in the second list what do you reckon or think

  81. from the looks of things I think the second list would be out by January

  82. Nawa 4 unizik self I herd say dey don paste de list 4 board am reli confused some are saying no 2nd list dey should just tell us if dere z 2nd list or not let people know wot next 2 do weda 2 apply 4 presceince

  83. to be sincere and without mincing of words “this unizik admission officials are helplessly lazy,and should be scrutinized on their level of proficiency if there’s not gonna be a repetition of this shit!!

  84. Anagbakwu chinenye ruth says:

    I’m getting more confused I.d issue of unizik postponement of admission. where other schools HV released theirs, pls I’m begging in d name of God any hand holding our admission should be cut off amen.

  85. Have unizik finished uploading their second list

  86. Onoh Chimaobi says:

    Pls keep me posted 08131378247

  87. My number is 08032775174,

    Email princejude79@yahoo.com

    Pls is unizik 2nd list. Out? If no pls keep me infor when it wil b out biko

  88. Pls any news on d second list info me…….here is my no. 08184547387

  89. i hav been checking if i av been admitted but am seeing admission still in progress. is the second batch not out yet? should i still be hoping for admission?

  90. Pls when wd 2nd list be out. I learnt it wud 2nd week of febuary.why dat far. Schools like UNN hv uploaded all dia list

  91. oradiegwu chioma says:

    Pls help me check mine 65387661CA

  92. is there going to be any other list from Nown, is writing admission in progress pls check for me 65473414AF, phone number 07018637686

  93. Pls dis is my number 08110019749 Pls update me..

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