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NYSC 2016 Batch A Important Notice – Correction of Mistakes During 2016 NYSC Online Registration

In the course of NYSC 2016 Batch A Online Registration, most Prospective Corps Members (CPMs) made a lot of mistakes which some are hard to rectify and some can be rectified. The article here is to help you make necessary Correction of Mistakes During 2016 NYSC Online Registration and the right channel to do that.

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Correction of Mistakes During 2016 NYSC Online Registration 

Please its important to note the following; Correction of Mistakes During 2016 NYSC Online Registration

1. Dropping of wrong biometrics & recapturing afresh continues after the portal shuts down

2. Clearing of Foreign trained graduates by Evaluation Division is not affected by closing of registration portal. Foreign PCMs can still upload documents & capture biometrics

3. Both online payment and bank option continues after shutting down of the portal for registration

4. Corrections for correctable information continues for all successfully registered PCMs

I. Corrections on date of birth: this can be done by the PCMs using WAEC or NABTEB verification PIN.
II. Corrections of any information uploaded by school eg Jamb, graduation date, matric number, sex, grade etc: PCMs should tell his sch to write officially to NYSC.
III. Correction of name spelling mistake: this can be done at Camp.
IV. Correction of any info inputted by PCMs during registration eg phone number, address, LGA, dates of primary and second sch etc: PCM should send application to NYSC via info@nysc.gov.ng. The application should be addressed to Director ICT.

5. Any body that made payment to bank and had issues of not collecting his PIN via SMS should complain to NYSC secretariats closer to him who would forward to NYSC HQ Abuja with the following details;
– Full Names
– Bank Reference
– Registered Email
– Phone no(s)
– Bank Name
– Bank Branch
– Date of payment

6. Printing of Green Card would continue after closing of online registration

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Correction of Mistakes During 2016 NYSC Online Registration

12 thoughts on “www.nysc.gov.ng – Correction of Mistakes During 2016 NYSC Online Registration

  1. Ezeagu chukwuma Godwin says:

    Am in 2015 batch B stream 2, my name was wrongly spellt, please how do I correct!

  2. Oyagbade Nofisat Damilola says:

    My name was wrongly spelt how do I go about it.

  3. pls can my be correct as Gloria Yayi instead of gloria rajan batch a 2016

  4. pls if am not able to correct the difference in my grade will it be an issue in camp

  5. please i can not meet up to the camp but have done everything. what can i do to join next batch? please

  6. please am in batch B 2016 stream 2. was in d hospital when the registration was going on so I sent a friend to help me do the online registration before it closes. my middle name was not registered and my course of study was wrongly registered too.. I apply for the correction in camp with hope it has corrected but when I got my posting letter it was not corrected please what should I do before is late?

  7. ijigbade oluwasegun micheal says:

    my name was not entered correct
    ly, its supose to be ijigbade oluwasegun micheal but it appears to be ijigbade oluwaseun Micheal. can this be solve at the camp

  8. hello please i need help , my educational qualification details are showing from year 0 to year 2017. how do i correct this

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