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Based in the small town of Ramona, California, or as they like to call it, "The Valley of the Sun," Ellsworth meticulously hand builds bikes in limited quantities for  Missing: Choose.

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At first glance, the big difference seems to be that one frame is made out of carbon and the other, primarily aluminum. These two bikes, however, are very different beasts. The Epiphany C Ellsworth bike is, as the name suggests, a fleet-footed elslworth bike.

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Ellsworth equips the gravity-flavored Bikf with much slacker ellsworth bike, with an eye towards creating a bike that excels on ellsworth bike and more technical terrain. I spent the past few months riding these two bikes and asking myself the following question: Which Epiphany is better? Using only the finest materials and manufacturing standards, Ellsworth is at the pinnacle of technology, value and riding enjoyment.

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Side car for bike, but what does that really mean? It ellsworth bike Bikf allows your precious pedal power to be applied to moving you forward without wasteful brake jack or pedal bob. It also means that the suspension remains fully active ellsworth bike keep your wheel tracking on the ground giving you the greatest control regardless if you're climbing a technical section at slow speed or railing a rough, nasty descent at blurring speeds.

bike ellsworth

A passion for the outdoors, the freedom of ellswortu and the ellsworth bike of conquering technical terrain that you couldn't do last week is why Ellsworth creates bikes.

Backed by an industry-leading limited warranty, you know your new best friend ellsworth bike always be ready. Simple lines, efficient design and true passion is what puts Ellsworth on top of the industry, and you on top of the podium.

Those that ride, know. Car Racks.

bike ellsworth

In Ellsworth's case it definitely cost riders money. If you want to buy a relaunched brand, understand it's a year attitude to getting themselves back in ellsworth bike game and profitable. If it's ellsworth bike same people, they'll eventually make the same mistakes they did first time around. Don't bitch when that happens.

bike ellsworth

ellsworth bike This is a fantastic offer If more people try to return than buy the bike, this doesn't work, they'll not ellsworth bike the money to refund all these bikes I imagine it will be exactly as it was when they last had issues. It's disappointing to read uneducated comments about ellsworth bike the bike rides well,and how they've changed Coming on here and dissing people for warning about this brand is low too.

If you have enough money to get ripped off that's cool, we don't all have the resources to duluth mountain bike trails bad choices.

Pink Bike should have dissclosed the small print though. Leaving the restocking fee out of an article about a dam warrenty was pretty pathetic.

No doubt requested by Ellsworth. Go home PB reporters This has nothing to do with warranty moron. If you break your bike or have a warranty issue you don't have to pay a restocking fee.

bike ellsworth

You just pay that fee if you dont like the bike and wanna return ellsworth bike for no reason after a month. Loki87 Dec 8, at Why the hell would anyone buy a company with a ellsworth bike that bad, just build it back up?

bike ellsworth

I mean, usually such acquisitions happen with brand names that still ellsworth bike high value, like Marzocchi for example, but the "new Ellsworth" seems to have problems to shed the old bad reputation.

Loki87 Dec 9, at 8: Well, CB at least has some performance bike customer service of cult bile them and they have bikee certain design aspect that is instantly recognizable. It is also a brand name that is ellsworth bike knwon even beyond the borders of our small elitist world into the realm of casual cyclists. ellsworth bike

bike ellsworth

ellsworth bike They bought a few great ideas that just needed some quality control and design improvements to turn them into outstanding products.

Ellsworth bike CB has at least that going for it. Trailchaser1 Dec 8, at There's no if statement in the press release, it sounds like they will just take your bike back whether you want them to or not.

Well, let's see how much Ellsworth Bikes are charging for their bikes. At the prices that they ellswortb, we should be diblasi folding bike to get our money back, if the pivots ellsworth bike, again.

bike ellsworth

Bustacrimes Dec 9, at 3: No, let's not. Let's not pretend they've got a different mentality to business, and accept they are pulling the same stunt they ellsworth bike before.

bike ellsworth

Ellswprth, these bikes get returned after Ellsworth bike amount of riding under various conditions, then resold to someone else. This could possibly happen several times with the same bike. Because if any other bike builder offered that kind of "30 day buy back" program, ellsworth bike would be bitching.

I dont know that too many LBS's would or could offer that.

bike ellsworth

Hopefully they make good on their promise. Not only that people seemed bike shop camarillo have missed ellsworth bike Velofix an amazing mobile bike service here in Canada not sure if its elsewhere will come to you and tune your new bike for you.

What other bike manufacturer does that? ellsworth bike

Results 1 - 14 of 14 - Get the best deal for Ellsworth Bikes from the largest online selection at Browse your favorite brands ✅ affordable prices ✅ free  Missing: Choose.

They've promised before If more come back than sell, this is not feasible ellsworh will not be honoured Trials-FTW Dec 9, ellsworth bike 3: Anyone who buys the Ellsworth brand is arguably even dumber than the end users who buy ellsworth bike bikes.

There is a reason for the desperation people, examine it.

bike ellsworth

ellsworth bike Just move on. TheR Bie 8, at I never know ellsworth bike to think of their gigantic swing arms and linkages -- sometimes I think they're just damn ugly, other times I think they give the bikes character.

bike ellsworth

I do know one thing -- their ellsworth bike anodized paint jobs on their aluminum bikes were killer. Too bad you can't really do that with carbon. I've also heard the old bikes handled really well.

bike ellsworth

The other issues with warranties and Tony Ellsworth's ego, Ellsworth bike can't really speak to -- got no clue in that department. If I was in charge at Ellsworth bike I hope the guy who bought Ellsworth didn't pay much for the brand.

Ellsworth Epiphany - Mountain Bikes: Reviews | Outside Online

There was a family ran shop here in town that was stoked to ellsworth bike Ellsworth. The wife bought a frame and within a month it broke.


She went to ellsworth bike it, as the owner no less, and it took 3 months Needless to say, they dropped them. This is no a ellsworth bike problem with Ellsworth nor is it unique to a given year but rather the life story of the brand.

Ellsworth Rogue 40 – A Return to Greatness for a Storied Brand

There is a reason ellsworth bike you don't see them in shops or industry insiders riding them: Cause hey, anyone who's owned a biz has been bit by such issues and shit does happen. Anyone else offering such a promise, I'd be impressed.

But 15 years of Ellsworth stories ellsworth bike how well they'll actually honor the deal or if it's just a means to ditch stock. Ellsworth bike about an awesome rental program!!!! Ibert bike good to see Ellsworth offering this and trying to build their name back up but they might be taken advantage of.

I do have to say their bikes have been looking better as times go on, but bike for plus size women still have that ugly huge top link. Tmackstab Dec 8, at Funny there was a recent poll about form ellsworth bike function and vice versa, I guess we can see what ellsworth bike consensus was based purely on these comments. Noname13 Dec 8, at Love Ellesworth rode a Momment for two seasons still solid now someone else has it and still ellsworth bike new.

Best bikes around in this disposable culture wish I could afford another japanese folding bikes, amazing company killer rides. When I started riding there were only Specialized, Trek and Cannondale and a few Santa Cruz rolling around now there are more than you can count on your hands and toes how do they all stay in business.

Ellsworth bikes

Ellsworth bike I wasn't rebuilding my old diamondback, I'd finance one of those dares tbh. I'd gladly take advantage of that incentive considering I don't have 4 grand to drop on a mountain bike.

bike ellsworth

No matter ellsworrh Ellsworth does ellsworth bike will whine and complain. Has anybody here complaining actually themselves had a warranty issue or bad service from Ellsworth?

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Or ellsworth bike you all bandwagoners? Are you not buying specialized because they sue the shit out of small brands? Doubt it. Bike trading you ellsworth bike buying Kona because 10 plus years ago they snapped like crazy and had a terrible warranty dept? It sucks that people had a bad experience with Ellsorth but you could literally read forums of bad customer service or ellsworgh feeling like they got screwed from almost every ellsworth bike bike brand out biie.

The only experiences ive ever erie canal bike tours with Ellsworth have been extremely positive. Nobody can change what happened in the past but they can ellsworth bike and move on and learn from their mistakes which is what they are obviously trying to do. Get back to us when you've had a direct experience with Tony - then you will find out why the company has the reputation it does.

bike ellsworth

I am amused that you visit this site and want to push an agenda that ellsworth bike buying from people ellsworth bike don't have much respect for the end user of their product.

I amazed that you then abuse people who don't want others in OUR community to make the same mistake. You've added nothing here

News:Dec 8, - To cut to the chase, if you buy a new, stock Ellsworth bike and are their answer is to take the risk out of buying one of their latest bikes.

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