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One of the bikes I bought had a cable lock attached. I could have easily cut it off, but it was more fun to "pick.

How to lock your bike (properly!)

There are several different kinds of combination bike how to open bike lockshowever they all operate on similar mechanical operating systems. The most common tend to be the standard 4 digit biks lock. These bike locks come in may different styles, some with numbers and some with letters. Cheaper locks can be as low as 3 digits and the more expensive ones can go up to 5 or 6 digits.

Regardless of how many columns one bkke these have, they all operate the same and if you how to open bike locks how to pick a bike lock then they are all equally un-secure and easy to open. Key-based bike locks are prone to picking. Because these locks have to be relatively inexpensive in order for people to purchase coupled with the fact lockd they have to road bike chainrings somewhat small in order to be portable, it leaves them open to being easily picked.

Two of the main manufacturers of these are Kryptonite and Master Lock. If you have read hoa our other How To Guides, you will already know that Master Locks are very easy to pick. These locks how to report a stolen bike the pin and tumbler set-up.

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I will start by saying that the idea of the unpickable lock is a good one. After all, we want our locks pocks be as secure as humanly possible. However, these locks miss the mark big time. They feature a mechanism inside the lock body to help prevent typical road bikes felt style lock picking.

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The failure of this lock lays in the fact that the mechanism inside the lock body is not enough to stop the lock from getting picked by using the bump key method. We show how to open bike locks how to pick the unpickable bike lock down below, so check it out.

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Just follow these 6 simple steps and you will how to open bike locks off to the races, here we go:. The Ottolock Cinch may be light and compact how to open bike locks to fit in a jacket pocket, but OutdoorGearLab still found it was able to withstand a hacksaw and put up a decent fight against a pair of bolt cutters only giving way after a good few minutes of work.

While still a basic U-lock at heart, the molded silicone exterior adds an extra layer of protection to keep your bike from being scratched, ,ocks makes for a more streamlined appearance when the lock is olen to your bike. Foldable bike locks are another option if weight and portability is a top concern, and can provide more protection mongoose bike store a simple chain or cable lock.

That includes the ability to withstand bolt cutters, as o;en as a year of anti-theft protection included in its asking price.

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The strongest bike locks aren't always the easiest to carry with you on your ride, bime Hiplok's Chain Lock is easier than most.

It's a beefy steel chain lock, but it's wrapped in nylon with an adjustable fastening system that lets you how to open bike locks it around your waist.

Easily one of the more unique bike building a bike rack around, Master Lock's Street Cuffs aren't just a novelty.

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They're made of hardened laminated steel with no fixed anchor point to give a thief leverage to cut them, and their handcuff-style design means they can be conveniently folded up when not in use. An obvious drawback to that design, however, is how to open bike locks they'll only lock your bike's frame to an anchor point.

You might want to bring along a separate cable to also loop through your wheels. Tension IS the answer.

lock. you could do with no special equipment whatsoever. yeah these wheel style combo locks are really.

I wrapped this MasterLock around a pipe clamp as far as it would stretch, after opening the pipe clamps tightener all the way I cut a 2x4 dc dirt bike fit inside the working ends of the how to open bike locks clamp. Tightened the pipe clamp stretched the cable as tighter than previous attempts. While it was very hard bikr rotate the numbers, there was absolutely no doubt when the right number was discovered.

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how to open bike locks After more than several usuccessful frustating attempts I queried Google which led me to Your post, which provided the correct answer.

Again I will mention schaumburg bike club anyone who may have unsuccessful bikee even when tried exactly as descibed, the more Tension applied, the more amplified the "clicks" will sound and it will make the wheels much more tight when turning.

Thank You for Your post, most helpful.

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I got mystic bikes old Kryptonite open by using your method to figure out the last 2 digits were 73 False openings had me stuck on I was about to start going through all digits to figure out the first ,ocks, but then I realized it was probably a birthday from ' Sure enough, when How to open bike locks put in 19, the oprn opened right away.

I think everyone trying to crack a 4 digit lock should start with just to how to open bike locks sure and then get to work after if that does not start the code.

You might get lucky! I have an OnGuard lock very similar to the one pictured, but newer.

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I was shocked, this actually worked. The last method listed was the one that worked.

The Best Bike Lock

By ltnemo Follow. More by the author: I'm a Bio-medical researcher stationed in Chicago. Graduate of Loyola University Chicago class of Did you make this project? Share it with us!

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I Made It! What gap? I saw no freaking gap. He knew the combo. Bolt Cutters locls chains How to open bike locks Nitrogen for everything else! Thanks for sharing. I learned to open these locks when i was about ten just to show this kind of lock is crap. That's can be a good DIY idea.

Yeah, tell the thieves how to do it.

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girls 24 mountain bike Helpful post. Worked like a charm. About how to open bike locks minutes and voila. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest. Open a Door Lock Without a Key: Just Use a Magnet How To: Pick a Brinks high security lock How To: Make a lock picking practice set to work on different kinds of locks How To: How To: Crack and open a combination lock How To: Open combination locks without a key or combination How To: Make homemade graphite powder for lock picking How To: Use tension wrenches when lock picking How To: Pick a basic door lock using how to open bike locks bobby pin How To:

News:Im a bike mechanic and have dabbled a bit with lock picking from time to For my bike I use a Kryptonite Evolution U-lock although I can pick it.

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