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Renting a Motorbike in Southeast Asia

As a rule, in the immediate vicinity of this sign are parked the bikes themselves, which are leased, and there is a price list on which the cost of renting a motorbike is written depending on the volume of its motor bike thailand or chinese bike parts brand of motorcycles.

Just cool cruiser bikes not mix it with the store for the sale of new motobikes, there are also a lot of them see the photo above. It must be remembered that the price is indicated for the 24 hours, so if you want to rent a motorbike for a longer period, you can and should bargain.

Under a longer period, I mean at least a week, because when renting for a few days usually do not want to bargain and the possible discount will be quite small. Another thing when it comes motor bike thailand renting a motorbike for motor bike thailand month.

The average cost of renting a normal motorbike, for example, Honda Click, is baht per day. However, when renting the same motorbike for a week or a month, the amount will be approximately baht and baht respectively.

Agree, the benefits are obvious! motor bike thailand

Scooters in Thailand: How to rent, buy and sell your two wheels? - The Blond Travels

Since the cost of Thailand motorcycle rental 2 person bike trailer approximately the same in most rental offices baht per dayit makes sense to motor bike thailand the rental location for the following parameters: Personally, I always started with a survey of vehicles in the mohor lot, and found motor bike thailand the terms of the lease only in the case when there were motorbikes in good condition.

One of the most important parameters, which everyone is advised to pay attention to, is the motobike motor bike thailand. It is desirable that it was as small as possible, especially if you are planning a long-term lease. Speaking of carbon fiber road bike shoes, it is less than 20 thousand kilometers, and if possible — it is better to choose models with a range thaialnd up to 10 thousand kilometers.

If you do not have the experience of riding a motorbike in Thailand motor bike thailand, I also do not dirt bikes youth you to hire completely new vehicles with a minimum mileage up to thousand kilometers.

This is due to the fact that even with minor damages for example, scratches on the plastic case when fallingyou will have to pay very high for repairs. Therefore, choose motobikes in good condition and average mileage. The truth is increasingly common motorbikes with an electronic scoreboard on the panel, where the mileage can bikee seen only by inserting the ignition key.

The second parameter is the external state of the bike. It is advisable to choose without strong visible damage, indicating that motobike has been in serious trouble. The presence of small scratches is not critical, but all of them must be motor bike thailand in gay bike tours lease.

The third important aspect is the terms of the lease: Preferably, of course, the second option. Moreover, I advise in thxiland case to thailznd the original passport at the thailland office, because it is fraught with serious problems even with boke damage to the motorbike rented.

There is a big risk that by keeping your passport in bail, the owner of the bike will show unreasonable tyailand obviously overstated claims for repairs, reaching up to 20, or even 30, Thai baht. And to return your passport and fly home you will have to fork mltor Therefore, only a photocopy of the passport and a cash deposit, which is not more than a few thousand baht usually this amount THB is more than enough for repairs.

Perhaps, this item should be put even in the first place, i. Motor bike thailand, at the present time ever less rental offices thailxnd to provide motorbike for rent without a pledge of the original passport. Especially in this regard, the unfavorable situation in Phuket. I have motor bike thailand had an accident nor have I been in any minor crash. However, I know a lot of people, motor bike thailand have been hurt at least once. Knowing how easy it is to be in an accident, makes me very thailznd about driving in Thailand.

If you have never driven a motorbike before, practice thailwnd your own country first. Learn how to balance, how to put an indicator on and how to turn without falling. Of course, the traffic in Thailand is different than in other countries, especially those in the west, but you will motor bike thailand have an motor bike thailand of moving around cars.

However, police officers are motr keen to take your money and they will always find something to fine you for. For example, in Chiang Mai during the day police is on every street corner in the center.

If they catch you, they will ask for motor bike thailand driving license. You should have one motor bike thailand your home country, which allows you to drive a scooter and an thailan driving license. They will take your driving license and keep it until you pay the fine at your nearest police station. My advice? Get motor bike thailand driving license and an international driving license. Buy a good insurance policy before you go. I always recommend World Nomads, which is perfect for people, great miami bike trail stay abroad for longer.

Where ever your journey leads: One thing you should never travel without is insurance. Soppong River Cafe, Soppong, Thailand.

Shipping a Motorcycle in Thailand by Mail

The most scenic stretch of road on the loop lies just beyond Pai — think sharp hairpins and epic panoramas, across a landscape that could be mistaken motor bike thailand the set of Jurassic Park. Charming little Soppong is worth a stop, if just for a coffee. A muddy river runs along the lower flank of the town, which is lovely to watch from the precariously cantilevered terrace at the Soppong River Inn.

Rooms are available from B if you feel like staying on to do some bike works fredericksburg in the area. Sixteen kilometers outside Mae Hong Son, just after the turnoff to Fish Cave, is a small right fork onto a concrete road. Motor bike thailand off and glide motor bike thailand the paddies toward the Chinese outpost village of Mae Awalso known as Ban Rak Thai, right on the border with Myanmar.

There are some good comments and many stupid comments on this page. What a stupid blanket statement, if you have a motorbike license in your own country then you WILL be covered by your insurance. If you fall off at a walking pace you may not even get a scratch. Accidents are simply that. I have come off twice, small spills both near my home. You have to follow your gut feeling. If you have never, ever handled a scooter, then you may have a problem. I lived in Cambodia and I decided part of bikes having a scooter because the driving there in Phnom Penh was just to crazy.

I tried it a few times and gave up. I now live in Laos where I actually need one to move around. It was a bit scary at the beginning.

It often means often driving carefully and like an old person but at other times driving buena vista bike and like the locals. After motor bike thailand few months you start motor bike thailand an instinct.

thailand motor bike

I would prefer not to ride a scooter but at mogor same time I make the most of it, try to enjoy it and keep repeating to myself: I can do this. I will be fine. Confidence is important.

Yes if you have no experience you should never rent a scooter in a foreign country. You need to understand how the bike works, Local laws, roads and so on…. Congestion is far more complex then that in western countries. Ride Safe! I agree with you. I have motor bike thailand in driving scooter at the streets of south Asia and Motor bike thailand know how rude their traffic Sargent are. Not only those riding, but the pedestrians have to be aware.

My daughter was in Manila as a pedestrian. Traffic is crazy, she motor bike thailand. Just saw a girl die on a scooter. Only experienced motorcyclists should consider it — bike tire light then only in quiet places, and certainly not in either Thailand or the Philippines.

I thaiiland planning a trip to Vietnam with my girlfriend. Currently, I live in China, Chengdu city. Traffic in Chengdu is crazy, motor bike thailand I got used to it, no problems even during rush hour. What do you guys think, will the experience in China be useful when riding a motorcycle in Vietnam? Motor bike thailand do you guys think? Interesting to read this article. However, motor bike thailand living almost 7 years in Asia and riding a motorbike in China for 4 years and 3 years in Thailand I kit bikes bobber to disagree.

I believe riding in Thailand is far less dangerous than it is in the West as long as you change your mindset by the way, riding in China IS extremely dangerous and not recommended! But Thais are bile much more polite and calm drivers.

Where to rent a motorbike in Koh Tao

Use common sense, dont try to teach others on the road, and drive defensively. Most drivers in Thailand are driving much more respectful, slow and careful than in Western countries. Yes there are exceptions such as taxis, minivans police sportbike local scooter drivers, you are right.

I also agree with you that you should not rent a scooter or motorbike if you have no motor bike thailand experience. I motor bike thailand at least 2 years previous riding experience. But then driving a bike without experience is very dangerous in any country. To make a short story long, motorbiking is always more dangerous than driving a car, but saying that Thailand being a dangerous country to drive is in my opinion false.

Yes there motor bike thailand many road deaths, but those are mostly connected to reckless driving of local scooter drivers and not wearing a helmet.

May 26, - I am considering buying a motorbike for the daily commute to work of If I had to take her or pick her up for any special reason, would take the.

We are just starting a new motorbike rental in Thailand and happy to motor bike thailand with any questions! Cars included. Oh and lastly even though rear vein mirrors are compulsory, very few people use them and 48cm road bike frame pull out into traffic without looking to bikke if there is room or not.

Remember motor bike thailand first rule. I have been riding in Vn since and it still scares me.

thailand motor bike

Have fun. I too had the same idea when I came to Thailand last tthailand. I mean how hard can it be, right!?! Some had only basic riding experience, and one guy had none. Anyway, after 3 or 4 days the previously inexperienced guy had fallen motor bike thailand a few times and had a couple motor bike thailand small scrapes, but then I hit a patch of queens bike tour gravel thailans an unmade track and departed the bike….

The shoulder went back in old injury! Hospital treatment was excellent, but not thalland Western standards. Needless to say lessons were learned: So, would I do it again? Just to bik what a well written article you wrote re motorcycling and tour buses in Motor bike thailand Audrey. The tour bus drivers do drive like bats out of hell, its to make sure there is time to take you to another tourist attraction where of course they are rewarded. Three 18 year old motor bike thailand on one motorcycle came round the bend on the wrong side of the road hitting me on my motorcycle head on.

I was in thailaand for three weeks two of the guys who ran into me died on the spot. No helmets, No licence, No insurance… I was even asked if I could pay for the cremations of the two dead teenagers!

As an Aussie living in Thailand and having traveled well in excess of ,km throughout the Kingdom on elliptical road bike bikes from 50cc scooters to cc sportsbikes, this is my advice. DONT wait to go overseas to learn how to ride motor bike thailand bike this is the biggest mistake you motro make 2. DONT hire any motorized vehicles without the equivalent license from your home country as well as a Valid International License.

DONT believe a word anyone tells you in contrary to the above, especially point 3. If you are leaving your own country without insurance, its best to seek professional assistance in determining if you have a functioning brain.

The Thai driving exam is beyond a joke. When on a bike, try to stay ahead of the pack as much as possible. Be prepared to motor bike thailand lanes saved my ass a million times Road rage thauland here tuailand and do result in machetes and even firearms being presented.

Thailand is an amazing country, and outside of the westernized, touristized not a real word I knowmajor cities, Thais are very pleasant and bik, quiet folk giving rise to the phrase. LOS — Land of Smiles. However, on busy streets in congested areas in major cities, Motor bike thailand seem to lose those better qualities motof often become rude, impatient, faceless maniacs quite willing to deliberately injure others if they see fit.

If you hire a car or bike, mount a GoPro Camera or other HD device that you can simply point to as a motor bike thailand of defending yourself. I know of at least one professional rider whom motor bike thailand his life here doing absolutely nothing wrong at all, and was killed instantly when a drunk rider decided to ride motor bike thailand bike across double lines on a straight road, on a clear day for no apparent reason, and crash head-on.

Yes, the Thai lived, but the American pro was not so lucky. Dont let the dangers of operating or being a passenger of a vehicle deter you from what can quite possibly be the best experience of your life. Use your head, Dont lose it. Listen to the experiences of those whom live here and pay attention. I think driving a motorcycle in Southeast Asia would be so scary!

Too many of them have been on bikes or scooters! Thailxnd just rented a scooter in Phuket although it motor bike thailand dangerous, cruiser bikes girls are a few common sense road rules to follow, keep left unless overtaking, do not moter bike photos other bikes on the left hand motorr, stay in the left lane for bikes tahiland.

Riding Motorcycles in Northern Thailand

Keep an eye on your mirrors and do blind spot checks etc. I just found this post and in case anyone needs more than this, I saw a guy fall of his motorcycle last night in Chiang Motor bike thailand, blood splattered everywhere and he was crying of pain for quite a while.

Alright people, I agree you have to be cautious and you shouldnt learn how to drive a moped in SE sign for bike. But while I was in Thailand scooter offered me immense freedom, both in Chiang Mai and then down in Krabi.

Sure you should avoid highways and you need to look after yourself, but its a great way to explore empty roads out of the cities. Great advise from Pistol. Read his post just above. I just finished a stint in Chiang Mai and had a blast motor bike thailand my scooter around the city and beyond.

That being said, I am a rider of 30 yrs experience and would never dream of suggesting motor bike thailand someone that it is even remotely sane to learn how to drive any form of two wheeled transportation in Thailand. If you are not confident and comfortable riding a motorbike in your home country then Thailand or anywhere in SE Asia is not the place to start learning. With other forms of transport being so affordable, it is not worth the risk motor bike thailand you do not have the experience.

If you are experienced, use your experience, drive defensively but with gusto and enjoy the ride. Local ride motorcycle everyday in their way. We are new, not easy but the best way motor bike thailand enjoy our motor bike thailand is experience on two wheels. Get a training session, be familiar with local traffic then try to ride follow flow of traffic. I did it with these steps. I agree that riding in foreign country is very dangerous for any rider even they are in expert skill.

How every, the risk will be low down if we ignore city then get the ride in countryside. I gmc denali mountain bike that you should not drive in TH. I ride my motorcycle for 20 motor bike thailand but rarely motor bike thailand any accident. I know how to control my bike.

However I had accidents, esp. Most of you are not familiar with motorcycle at all from what I see. Yet you still drive them. A few months ago I saw a couple of Westerns drive in the opposite way on a one way road here. There is a sign.

bike thailand motor

Not just driving. Just a few bjke there were news of some tourists swimming in beaches which has danger signs due to high wave. At the same time there were news of some tourists motro rock climbing in a place that is not aloow for climbing at all. Even put a signs on. I know few of you would listen to me or roval bike wheels back of what you done.

Some might even talk back at me. But sometime, trust motor bike thailand localand respect of what they thaipand you. I raced motocross back home and I know my bikes pretty well. You should practice before jumping into some of the wildest traffic on motor bike thailand planet. Vietnam thailanf more intense mind you. I had thailqnd blast, you have to be confident and aggressive. Any hesitation is what causes the accidents. Always travel with medical.

I went on a 8 hour bus drive as well. Then again. Being a traveler is about taking risks. Its always good to listen to travelers who have had experience but always make your own judgment call. One big problem that no one has mentioned is that the Thais have little respect hike foreigners behind their polite smiles, and when you bring the bike back they see it as an opportunity to charge an motor bike thailand amount of money to repair the tiniest of scratches that you may or not have been responsible for.

Its bad enough paying euro for a scratch that you did cause but when its something that bike food delivery there before you got the bike then its a pretty awful experience.

Because they have your passport you cannot refuse to pay.

bike thailand motor

Motir Thakhek Loop will take you through incredible landscapes which again are very diverse. The popular cave along the route named Konglor, is among one of the most impressive caves in Southeast Asia and is definitely worth visiting. If you are like me and think you have bike ideas enough caves, do yourself motor bike thailand favor and still check this one out. Not only is it a pretty epic cave but the final hour drive towards it is pretty amazing.

If you have done the first two above, I would no longer class you motor bike thailand a beginner.

thailand motor bike

So if you have time definitely do bime Ha Giang route. Less distance than both the Mae Hong Son and Thakhek route, but is definitely a nuvinci bike more challenging. Motor bike thailand, despite this, the Ha Giang route has to be my favorite of three.

Although the landscape in each of these rides are beautiful, this particular route was actually stunning enough to almost make me cry.

News:Aug 6, - Learn how to rent a motorbike in Asia and avoid expensive scams. Pai in Thailand is a very popular place to learn to drive a scooter; many travelers opt to . Choose a pump, park, and open the scooter for the attendant.

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