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A bicycle cassette is the cluster of sprockets located on the rear hub of your bike, slotting onto Find out everything you need to know in our Cassette Buying Guide. You'll need a chain whip, a Shimano or Campagnolo specific removal tool.

Cassette buying guide

Freewheel System. Inspect splines of freehub body.

Cassette Removal and Installation

Look for a wide space between splines. Inspect the internal splines of cogs. Look for a wide spline to mate with wide space in freehub body. Align splines and engage all cogs. Install spacers in same orientation removing cassette bike when removed.

cassette bike removing

Grease threads of lockring and thread lockring into freehub. Install cassette lockring tool and install quick release skewer. Removing cassette bike skewer nut on outside of lockring tool. Snug skewer nut against remover.

cassette bike removing

Skewer acts as a holding device for freewheel tool. Turn remover clockwise until lockring is tight, at least inch-pounds removing cassette bike 40 Nm. For installing lockring, use of cassetfe sprocket chain whip tool is not required.

bike removing cassette

Hold cassette cogs removing cassette bike turning tool counter-clockwise. Using two chain whip tools, place first chain whip on second or third cog, holding it clockwise.

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Place second chain whip on first cog to rotate it counter-clockwise. Flip the wheel over and position the hub with the bearing facing down.

cassette bike removing

Carefully position either the bike rides in santa barbara or a suitable drift tool an cazsette tube or even an old solid axle with a cone or nut threaded partially onto it will do and knock the bearing out with a few sharp blows.

Clean the whole hub with a suitable degreaser and a removing cassette bike, including the hub flanges around the spoke anchor points. Inspect removing cassette bike flanges of the hubs, particularly around the spoke holes for cracks or corrosion.

Improve your performance by choosing the right cassette for you and your bike. the less of a jump there is between gears, resulting in smooth gear changing.

It removing cassette bike worthwhile investing in a small bearing press for jobs like this BikeRadar. Spread a light coating of grease on the outside and inside of the new bearings, on the inside of the hub shell and on the axle.

cassette bike removing

If the grease is oak mountain bike trails thick between the bearing and the hub, it could prevent it from seating completely. The new bearing should only be driven using the outer race of the bearing as striking the inner race is likely to cause damage to the small ball bearings inside removing cassette bike cartridge.

Use the old bearing bullitt bike a socket of exactly the same diameter to drive the new bearing in. Keep in mind that the bearing races are bjke of hardened steel and are therefore potentially brittle. Wear protective goggles and make sure the contact area between the drift edge and the outer race edge is maximised by being perfectly aligned.

cassette bike removing

Refit removing cassette bike axle, squeaking bike brakes the second bearing and then drive it in with a few blows. Thread the dust caps back on remvoing a little oil, then feel for that well earned, buttery smoothness.

Home Advice Workshop How to service the hubs on your bike. How to service the hubs on your bike Service your wheel bearings for removing cassette bike smoother ride. September 11, at 5: Regular p5 bike can extend the life of your hubs BikeRadar. Tools required for loose ball hub servicing BikeRadar. The wheel bearings are metal balls housed within the hub. Gently hose off the degreaser, and let the chain dry for five to 10 minutes before applying fresh lube.

cassette bike removing

Replace your chain more often than you removing cassette bike you should, says Sumi. The higher-end your components, the more important chain removing cassette bike becomes. You come in from a rainy ride and leave your bike on its own as you seek a hot shower and dry clothes. Meanwhile, the rain has rmeoving the lube from your chain, leaving it vulnerable to rust, which can get very problematic.

bike removing cassette

Spare your chain removing cassette bike Tin Man fate and dry it as much as you can and as quickly as you can after coming in from the removing cassette bike weather.

Recumbent tandem bikes the water inside the chain evaporates, the lube will displace it. You'll just want to remove the excess lube before you roll out again.

Choosing the Correct Freewheel

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

bike removing cassette

Skip Cross-Training? Your Bones May Pay the Price. Note the number of links to remove but before you go ahead check the chain is ecomobile bike for sale the largest nike and chain-ring.

If it doesn't your rear mech doesn't have removing cassette bike capacity for removing cassette bike range of gear ratios you have and you should consult your local bike shop or bike expert for advice.

bike removing cassette

Removint your chain by the required number of links ensuring that you leave the ends of chain required for your connecting method. Shimano and Campagnolo chains have removing cassette bike special pin which you push into the chain with the appropriate chain tool connecting a pair of outer plates to a roller.

bike removing cassette

Make sure the pin protrudes equally both sides of the plates and the link is not stiff. No tools are required and they're very handy removing cassette bike have one your saddle pack.

cassette bike removing

Make sure the connecting link clicks locked. Neither connector should be re-used and should be discarded with the worn out chain.

cassette bike removing

Hopefully these tips will mean you can take on the job of replacing your chain and cassette without any hassle. The key point to remember is to keep removing cassette bike top of monitoring chain stretch, which will help you avoid those expensive full drive train replacements in the future. Cleaning your bike after every ride should become part removing cassette bike your routine to keep it running smoothly. Here are some casette on how to clean your bike quickly and effectively.

Cleaning and lubricating your bike chain is an essential but often neglected maintenance routine. Here cassftte Great Britain Cycling Team mechanic guides you through the routine.

Freewheel or Freehub?

We guide you through the basics of bike seven titanium bike, show you how to find your perfect position on the bike to maximise comfort removing cassette bike performance and how to maintain your bike to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

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cassette bike removing

removing cassette bike Knowledge Level: Removing cassette bike No matter how well you clean, lubricate and look after your chain, it will eventually wear out and need replacing. If you don't change it early enough the worn and elongated chain rides up higher on the chain-rings and sprockets, accelerating their wear and leaving you needing to replace all three. Remobing the removing cassette bike stretch First you removing cassette bike to monitor the extent of wear in your chain by measuring the chain stretch.

What you'll need Now you've established your old chain is bile out, you have a new chain in your hand but you also want to change your cassette to one with larger sprockets, as you have a cycling holiday coming up in the Pyrenees or Alps. Chain tool for the width of chain appropriate to your drive-train such as the Park Tool CT-3; Cassette lock-ring remover Park FR5 bike tool kits Shimano and SRAM cassettes, FR11 fits Campagnolo ; Large adjustable spanner Chain-whip Once you've got everything lined up, it's worth checking that your new chain has a spare pin or removable link to connect it into a loop.

Rusty Freewheel/Chain - Challenged To Remove The Rust With Evaporust

Remove the old chain Use your chain tool to drive out one of the chain-pins and split the chain.

News:Jan 10, - And the second cassette has smallest sprocket 12 teeth, largest sprocket 25 teeth. each sprocket, which can be less smooth when changing gear. uphill, a tooth sprocket is probably going to be a good choice for you.

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